4 Tips to Save Money on the Road

It can happen to anyone — halfway through your trip, you realize you are running out of money faster than you anticipated. Sometimes, no matter how well you budget, things can add up fast while on the road.

Here are some tips to help save money while you’re travelling!

1. Find Cheap Accommodation

Depending on how you are already travelling, it may be possible to find cheaper accommodation. If you are staying in hotels, you can stay in hostels in private rooms if you prefer. It can also be cheaper to stay with Airbnb and if you really need to go cheaper, couch surfing is free!

It can also be handy to send out a notice to your friends and see if they know anyone in your area that you could stay with (Facebook is always a good option). It’s always great when you can stay with friends for free and you may even get them to show you around!

2. Work Abroad

If possible and legal, working while you travel can help a lot. Whether it’s teaching English abroad, working on a cruise ship or even working in hostels, any source of income is helpful. This probably won’t be any sort of career job, but if you can at least make enough money to keep going, it’s worth it!

WWOOFing can also be a great way to travel. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is when you work for a farmer and in return they give you a place to stay. This not only allows you a place to stay, but it can be a great way to experience a new country.

3. Cook Meals

Another great way to save money while travelling is to cook your own meals. This could mean saving up to $50 a day depending on where you are! A big part of travelling is eating local dishes, but if you make a couple of meals at your hostel or hotel, the savings can add up quickly! Being able to pick up groceries can really help, even if you only buy snacks for the road so you don’t have to buy as you go.

4. Find Different Ways to Travel

If you are travelling by flying from place to place, the flights can add up quickly. Try and search for flight deals before booking anything. If it’s possible, taking a bus or train can be much cheaper than flying. It may take extra time, but it will be worth it to save the money that you can use in your next destination! Taking a night bus or train also means that you also don’t have to pay for a night of accommodation.

Depending on which country you are in, hitchhiking might be an option. This means you are travelling for the price of gas, or maybe even free, and get to save money! However, read up on your location and make sure that hitchhiking isn’t dangerous or illegal where you are.

Once you are already on the road, the thought of running out of money can be concerning. However, if you follow these tips and budget carefully, you can make it to the end of your trip!

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