8 Reasons to Visit Fiji for Your Next Holiday

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I just got back from an 8 day trip around the Fiji islands (April 2016), and I enjoyed every second of it!

My trip was organized by Fiji Vacations and Awesome Adventures — who both did a fantastic job at recommending which islands to visit, planning activities (scuba diving), booking amazing resorts and plenty more! They also offer the best all-inclusive package deals in Fiji, so check them out to help organize your trip 🙂

Fiji is paradise — in every sense of the word.

The country is located in the South Pacific Ocean, and is made up of 333 islands and about 800K people.  Expect to see incredible beaches, diverse marine life, and some of the most picture-perfect tropical sceneries that you could possibly imagine.

Here is a map of the islands.  Viti Levu is the main island, containing most of the population, urbanization, and the two big cities of Nadi and Suva.  I visited the Yasawas islands as well, and I recommend them for the most amazing beaches in Fiji!

Not to mention, Fiji has plenty of coconut trees, beachside hammocks, sunshine, yummy cocktails — you name it.  Fiji truly is the best holiday destination that I could recommend to you.   And don’t forget your swimwear — you’ll be needing to wear them everyday while sipping on piña coladas on the beach!

According to a survey by WIN-Gallup —  89% of Fijians report they are happy, making Fiji one of the happiest countries in the world.  And let me tell you that it really shows from the smiles I saw on nearly everyone’s face.  Get prepared to say “BULA” every time you encounter with a Fijian person — it is their friendly greeting meaning “Hello” and also wishing you in good health!

As country that dominated under British rule until 1970, most Fijians are able to speak and understand English (and they have a fun British accent too!)  Today, Fiji is the most developed nation of all the Pacific Island Countries, due to strong tourism and money pumping into the economy.

Here are a few more reasons why you should visit Fiji on your next holiday.

8 Reasons to Visit Fiji

1. Amazing Tropical Beaches

Are you a beach lover?  If so, then look no further than Fiji’s world-famous beaches.  I have been to my fare share beaches around the world myself, and I haven’t seen anything better than the ones in Fiji.  Take the Yasawa Flyer (a speed boat/ferry) up to the beautiful Yasawas islands to find the best beaches with crystal clear water, pristine white sand, coconut trees and huts on the beach!

2. Down-to-Earth People

I met dozens of Fijians during my trip (I even made some good friends) — and they all were super friendly and welcoming.

And get this — for the VERY first time in my life, I had a taxi driver offer to take me to my destination for free when he saw me walking on the street.  How awesome is that?

Additionally, I met some Fijians who took me out to dinner, paid for my drinks and even joined me for a round of golf!  Fijian culture is very interesting to learn about, and if you get the chance, I recommend taking a trek into one of the villages to interact with the people.

3. Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

Fiji set the bar high when it comes to marine life.  Before I went to Fiji, I had been on about 12 dives, and I was completely blown away by the diversity of fish that I saw underwater.  Fiji is also known as the “soft coral capital of the world”, as most of the corals are undamaged and untouched.

I swam with dozens of white-tip sharks, and saw stingrays, eels, and thousands of kinds of fish. Also, I was scheduled to go on the big Beqa Shark Dive, where I would have seen more than 8 types of sharks (up to 20 feet) — but unfortunately the weather was bad so I cancelled it.

No matter where you are in Fiji, you will find plenty of dive and snorkel sites so that you will be guaranteed to see life under the sea!

If you want to hear about more scuba diving locations, then check out the best diving in the world.


4. Nice Resorts

Fiji has a variety of of nice resorts that will cater to your budget and needs.  My absolute favorite was called Uprising Resort on the main island (Viti Levu) — this place has incredible staff, a laid back atmosphere, amazing food and a nice beach to relax on.  Their motto of “it’s not perfect. It’s Paradise”  is so accurate!

On the Yasawas islands, I stayed at a few resorts on a couple different islands: Octopus Resort, Blue Lagoon and Barefoot Kuata.  I have to admit that of the 3 resorts, Barefoot Kuata was my favorite because it was less crowded and I felt like I owned the entire island!  The diving and scuba diving there was the best I found in Fiji as well. Highly recommend, and I would go back in a heartbeat.

For a complete list of the best hotels & resorts in Fiji, click this link.

5. Fresh Fruit

Given the warm climate, Fiji is home to many natural fruits including pineapples, watermelon, coconuts, cantaloupe, bananas and more.  My favorite was the pineapples — they were really sweet and delicious!

Also, don’t forget to get your hands on some Fiji water — I think it’s the best water in the world and it’s only $1 from the bottle in Fiji (as opposed to $6 in the U.S).

6. Good Climate

Fiji has balmy temperatures ranging between 26 and 31 degrees Celsius (79 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit) year round.  You can leave your jackets at home, beacuse it’s always warm in Fiji!

The best time to visit is during peak season (July – September) because it is mostly dry and sunny during these months.  If you choose to go from November to April, then you may experience some stormy and wet/rainy weather.

7. Reggae Music & Fijian Songs

One thing that I loved about Fijians is that they are always singing songs on the guitar!  Whenever I arrived at a new resort/island (even if it was raining) people were outside singing, smiling and having a great time.

Reggae music seemed to be blasting from every radio and taxi that I encountered.  You don’t hear anything depressing, serious or sad — rather you’ll be hearing fast paced Fijian tunes mixed to upbeat Western favorites. It’s fun and contagious to listen to!

8. You can live on Fiji Time

Don’t have a watch?  No problem!

Nobody (and I mean NOBODY) is in a hurry in Fiji.  Everything is late, and that’s because people live on “Fiji time.”  This is actually a popular expression in Fiji, beacuse everyone lives by it!

So — don’t freak out if plans are delayed or people are late.  Most likely, someone is taking a nap or drinking a bowl of kava.   It’s a much less stressful life!

Where to Stay?

From cheap hostels to luxury condos, Fiji has a large variety of places to stay that will satisfy your budget needs.  Below is a list of some of my favorites places around the country.

For a more comprehensive list of accommodations in Fiji, click this link.

Uprising Resort Book Online Now

Uprising Resort wasn’t only the best resort that I stayed at in Fiji, but it was one of my favorites that I’ve ever been to!  First and foremost, each member of the staff is down to earth and friendly, and I was always greeted with a huge smile.  The location is right on the beautiful beach, and they host daily themed nights like “Fijian dancing, fire juggling, party night, and more.”  I highly recommend this place!

Barefoot Kuata – Book Online Now

Barefoot Kuata was my favorite place to stay in the Yasawas Islands.  I almost feel guilty sharing my experiences about this place, because I want to keep it a hidden secret!  The island that the resort is on is tiny, and therefore, the resort is the only habitable place on the island.  You really get a sense of community and it feels like you own the whole place!  The diving and snorkeling here is superb (you can snorkel with sharks!)

Octopus Resort – Book Online Now

Octopus resort, on the Yasawas Islands, was a nice getaway.  My only concern about this place was that they tried to pack in too many people, so it felt a bit overcrowded — but the private beach is stunning and the huts were fun to sleep in.

Blue Lagoon Resort – Book Online Now

Blue Lagoon, also on the Yasawas Islands, is a great place to spend a night or two.  Nice staff, excellent diving, and a warm “BULA!” greeting from the locals when your boat pulls up to the island.  They plan daily activities and adventures, and the food is delicious.

For more places to stay in Fiji, visit this page for the best deals online!

Thanks for reading my blog post about Fiji, and I hope you have the opportunity to visit this lovely country!  Please let me know if you have any questions by commenting below in this blog post. 

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  1. Excellent article and really informative at the same time. It’s great to read something fresh. You take remarkable pictures. Sadly, I have never get the opportunity to tour these lovely places, but willing to. Hope my time will come soon.

  2. hello,
    i am vibha… i m student of tourism, I have project of Research destination. so i am promoting Fiji island as a romantic tourism.
    can u just tell me, which hotel provide me a best wedding service.

  3. thank you so much Drew for visiting Fiji and giving positive feed backs and experiences about my homeland.
    I feel happy that we serve people of different ethnics with a Fijian smile.
    we are definitely the happiest people around the globe.
    Vinaka Vakalevu Brother Drew
    Hope to see you in Fiji

  4. Thanks for sharing an useful information. I’ll plan for Fiji in September end or October starting. Can you tell me the best time to visit it and how much cost from Gujarat?

    waiting for your reply.


    1. Hi The best time to visit Fiji is March – November. This is when our weather is the most dry and the gentle trade winds cut the humidity.

  5. You’re the man Drew! I leave for Korea in 3 weeks and can’t wait! Your advice and experience speaks volumes and truly inspires! Thanks for everything!!!

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