Welcome to The Hungry Partier — the #1 blog for comprehensive nightlife guides and party recommendations around the world.

The Hungry Partier was originally started by Drew Binsky back in 2013 when he was living and teaching English in South Korea (& partying his butt off every weekend in Gangnam).  Drew has partied in more than 105 countries, and has attended hundreds of nightclubs, bars & music festivals around the world.

On this blog, you will find destination guides, nightlife recommendations, blog posts, travel resources, food guides, culture tips and plenty more from 100+ countries and 200+ cities.

In June 2016, Drew decided to transform The Hungry Partier into a communal website that is focused on the best nightlife guides in various cities around the world.

Do you want to be a contributor to The Hungry Partier? Are you knowledgable about a city’s nightlife scene, or have general travel tips t oshare?  If so, please contact us with your preferred city/festival and we will send over the guidelines!

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