Balloons Over Bagan: An Honest Review

In this blog post, I will share my exact thoughts about my experience at Balloons over Bagan. I went in January, 2015.

Balloons Over Bagan is a company that flies hot air balloons over the incredible temples of Bagan in Myanmar.   There are a few companies that offer this service, but Balloons over Bagan have been the most reputable and professional since 1999. However, they are not the cheapest.  

Just how expensive is it?

The cost is $380USD per person for a 40-50 minute ride in the balloon. The price also includes:

– A pick-up service at your hotel at 5AM
– Tea and Coffee before the ride
– 40-50 minute balloon ride (depending on the weather)
– Champagne and pastries when you land
– Transportation back to your hotel around 9AM


But to be quite honest with you, I was quite underwhelmed by my experience at Balloons over Bagan.

Maybe it’s because I did the ride on my 3rd day in Bagan, after I had extensively explored the temples around the city. And frankly, despite the company being professional and legit, I think that the price is MUCH too expensive. Especially considering that you’re paying for unnecessary things like champagne at the end and transportation both ways.

It didn’t occur to me that this balloon ride is heavily catered for the elderly tourists.

I was by far the youngest person doing the balloon ride. An overwhelming majority of the people were 50-60 year old rich tourists from Europe (French, German and British) who have an extra $380 to throw around. That’s exactly why they serve the cliché champagne at the end of the flight, which I think is pretty dumb and unnecessary.



I think that Balloons Over Bagan should consider a cheaper option for backpackers which is half the price, and it only includes the balloon flight.  People like myself can find out own transportation, and we don’t need to pop bottles of champagne at 7AM when we land on the ground.

Another (major) factor to keep in consideration is the weather. It takes a bit of luck to have a flawless experience in the air. In other words, if there is ANY rain or a more then a slight breeze, then the balloon ride will be cancelled.

I know this because my ride was cancelled on my first day due to rain, and I was lucky enough to go the next day with overcast weather. And when I went, the balloon was prohibited to fly above 400 feet due to weather conditions… I mean come on, I bungee jumped higher than 500 feet in Switzerland– so I was expecting to go much higher into the sky.

So, I advise you to check the weather forecast the the coming days before you do it.  If you see rain or cloudy weather, then it’s honestly not worth the money or time. You won’t even be able to see the sunrise.

Also, it’s important to know that the Balloons are seasonal, which means that they only operate from October-March.  If you are going to Myanmar during any other month, then the balloons will be closed.

I don’t mean to be too negative in this blog post, I just want to give you my honest feelings.  Yes, of course the balloon ride is amazing and peaceful when you’re up in the air over the temples, but trust me, you can get a similar view by hiking to the top of the highest temple- which is free and there’s no time limit.

Kinda like you see in the photo below. Now a bad view, eh? I sat up there for hours.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.55.56 PM

To wrap it up, I would only recommend Balloons over Bagan if you have an extra $380 extra cash to spend, and the weather is sunny and clear skies. I’ll admit that it’s an awesome experience to be up in the sky in a balloon, and you also can check riding in a hot-air balloon off your bucket list, but I’d tell you to consider saving that $380 for a week-long getaway to Thailand.

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17 thoughts on “Balloons Over Bagan: An Honest Review

  1. That review gave me a third of a doubt if i’ll go up in the air or tour around Old Bagan instead. Planning to explore the place on June and the airfare is unbelievably expensive. I was expecting a little bit less since the hot air balloon ride in Kapadokya was $120/hr with buffet breakfast and pick up/drop off the hotel. Nevertheless, still looking forward to tick this off my bucket list. Thank you for the review, it helped me a lot. 🙂

  2. Felt compelled to comment because I appreciated your honest review (so many bloggers get shit like this for free so I don’t feel like I can trust what they say about tours) and also because you’re getting so much unnecessary negativity in the comments! Eff those guys 🙂

  3. Isn’t this a little bit like ordering a steak in a nice restaurant and then complaining it was too expensive after you ate it? You knew how much the balloon flight was going to be before you took it. It’s not their fault if you were “underwhelmed”. PS by the way, how long do you think the temples are going to last if thousands of tourists start climbing over the roofs?

    1. From 1st March2016, climbing up the temples, because they are and shall remain religious monuments will be forbidden. Thankfully because they were getting abused, litter, peple urinating in the corners, etc. You were lucky to get both.

      I guess

  4. Dude! Great experience! But what is the deal with the bare feet? Don’t you wear shoes because you just don’t feel like it or cause it’s a Myanmar local thing?

    1. He removed his shoes because it’s a TEMPLE. Shoes are always removed when you enter or access any temple in Asia. It’s sign of respect and everyone is expected to comply.

  5. I went to Myanmar in July 2014 for a month. I missed on the balloons and was so bummed. My buddy went before me and actually got to go for free with a new company that was opening that day.
    After reading your post I don’t feel so bad.

  6. Hello, you’ve got a great blog I must admit! I am also running a travel blog about some off the beaten path destinations. I am about to write a review about the balloon flight in Myanmar too soon. And, it feels like you’ve copied what’s been on my mind! I’d done the balloon flight in Turkey, Cappadoccia, and it was an absolutely amazing experience. In Myanmar, I expected even more! From what I see, I was luckier with the weather than you but the ubiquitous mist (or smoke) was pretty thick making the views (and breathing) less enjoyable. Also, you must have payed for a VIP service – 380 USD! I had pre-booked it online and paid ‘only’ 290. I also think that it’s way too expensive for what you get and I’d had no idea before (I did the flight on my first morning in Bagan) that you get the same views if you climb one of the temples! Besides all that, I loved Bagan and Myanmar was pretty cool too. Next time you’re in Europe try Balkans – the best and least touristy region with Albania’s paradise wild beaches even better than in Thailand! 🙂

    1. Hey Tom- thanks for this comment! I’m glad that we have similar views towards the balloon flight. I actually will be traveling thru the Balkans this summer, so I look forward to all the adventures 🙂 Cheers from India!

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