Meal #7: Banana Roti with Flip

Thanks for tuning into this weeks meal! I realize that “Monday’s Meal” is suppose to be published on Monday (not Friday), but later today I am setting off for a 3 week vacation to Taipei, Bali and Sydney and I will not have my computer. So please, bare with me! 

Today, I am happy to have Flip (A.K.A. FlipNomad) contribute his favorite meal from Thailand- Banana Roti.  I have eaten this dish, and it’s absolutely incredible.

Read on to discover why this is Flip’s favorite meal around the world! 

Meet Flip

Me in India - Bio PicFlip is the blogger behind and also (Isn’t it obvious how much I love Banana Roti hehe, I named my food blog after it.) He’s originally from Manila but has been traveling around Asia for more than three years now.

You can connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.

Question 1:  Please share the name of this meal, and carefully describe what the magical ingredients are.

Banana Roti is one of the most famous street food in Bangkok and it’s easy to find it especially if you’re walking in the tourist area of Khao San or Rambuttri Road, as there are plenty of Banana Roti vendors around.

It’s a simple dish made with flour, egg, butter (for the roti), thinly sliced bananas and condensed milk. You could also opt to add chocolate syrup if you want.

Banana Roti

Question 2: Where did you eat this meal (city, country)? Did you discover it while you were traveling, or did you previously know about it?

I first ate this meal in Bangkok. But I also saw this being sold in other tourist towns in Southeast Asia.

Question 3: How much money did it cost, and where do you recommend to find it?  

It’s very cheap, it cost less than a dollar.

Banana Roti 2

Question 4: What is your overall favorite cuisine in the world?  What makes it so damn tasty?

My favorite is Thai cuisine. There’re so much flavors and the ingredients are always fresh.

Question 5: Eating is my #1 favorite part about traveling.  Why do you think it’s so important to eat local foods when you travel abroad?

Eating is also one of my favorite things to do when I travel. Eating helps you learn some things about the local culture especially when you try to observe how they sourced out their ingredients and how they prepare the food. That’s why I also make sure that when I travel, I also visit the local markets. I’m amazed to see the similarities and also the differences with the food we eat.

Have YOU ever tried Banana Roti?

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