Crazy Stories

In this section, I will share some of my crazy, adventurous, and hilarious stories that have happened to me in foreign countries.

These are purely for your entertainment to read and enjoy.  From each story presented below, I have learned something new about myself and ultimately learned from my mistakes.

I hope these stories inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, and make new friends on the road!

Please comment and let me know your stories and experiences from around the world!

1. I Survived a Fatal Bus Crash in India
2. Deadly Boat Ride in the Philippines
3. An Unexpected Hitchhike in Bosnia
4. A Bizarre Experience at a Club in Myanmar
5. The Magical Wonders of Christiania in Copenhagen
6. The Epic Full Moon Party in Thailand
7. Trekking 75 Kilometers in Myanmar was Life Changing
8. Getting Mixed up for Mark Zuckerburg in Macau
9. Best 24 Layover EVER in Beijing
10. Insane Bungee Jump in Switzerland
11. Hilarious iPhone Scandal in Dubai and Athens
12. What It’s Like Traveling 15,000 Miles in 4 Days
13. Getting a Turkish Bath in Istanbul
14. What to Expect from a Coffee Shop in Amsterdam
15. Getting Locked Out of My Apartment in Korea…
16. Kayaking Adventures in Costa Rica
17. Watch Out at the Costa Rica/Nicaragua Border
18. Insane Airport Story in Belgrade
19. SpringFest Beer Festival in Munich
20. Stockholm Rages on a Sunday
21. Anime Porn Shops in Tokyo
22. A Wild Experience on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok
23. Why You Should Carry Local Cash in the Brunei Airport
24. An Insane Experience at Holi Festival in India
25. How I Acted in a Bollywood Film in Mumbai
26. A Strange 24 Hours in Armenia…
27. I Just Went Skydiving in Australia!

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