Complete Guide to EDC Las Vegas

EDC Las Vegas, or Electric Daisy Carnival, is one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world. ¬† I’ve been twice (in 2013 and 2015), and it is absolutely insane.

In this post, I am going to tell you what to expect, and give you some tips to prepare for the craziest weekend of your life ūüėČ

Guide to EDC Vegas

What originally started out as a one-day Southern California event in 1997, EDC has become increasingly popular with every passing year. ¬† Hosted by the great¬†Insomniac Events, the “main” EDC is hosted in Las Vegas every June,¬†but nowadays, the festival has spread out to¬†over 7 U.S. cities and 4 different countries.

The DJ lineup consists of every single DJ that you have ever heard of,  performing in front of hundreds of thousands of people under the electric sky.  About 400,000 people to be exact.

Here was the lineup this year (2015):


EDC Las Vegas¬†is the largest dance music festival in North America and one of the biggest raves in history. ¬†But even more than just a “rave,” EDC is an entire carnival¬†with dozens of rides like ferris wheels, trippy exhibits, and more food/drinks stalls than you can imagine.

It’s like a giant playground for adults — a Modern day Woodstock. ¬†Oh, and people get married at EDC as well. ¬†Believe it!

If you like Electronic Dance Music, like to dance all night, and like to make some awesome new friends, then this music festival is for you!

What to Expect

First thing is first — expect HUGE crowds like you’ve never seen before. ¬†Each year, tens-of-thousands of more partygoers flock to EDC Las Vegas. ¬†In 2015, the festival had a record-high 400,000+ people.

Next, expect the production to be over-the-top.

When you figure 400,000 tickets sold at $400 a piece, that is a revenue of about $160 MILLION that this festival brings in. ¬†And that is not including extra things like VIP passes, food and drink, merchandise, etc. ¬†See what I’m saying?

Everything is exaggerated and blown out of proportion, because they have the budget to do so.  I’m talking about the stage designs (there are about 10 stages), the sound systems, the crazy neon lights everywhere, the carnival rides, the trippy exhibits around the area, etc.

The main stage, called Kinetic Field, is the largest stage in North America.  The 480-foot-wide stage can hold a crowd of more than 60,000 fans.  The stage also has 6,500 video tiles, 400 tons of steel, two massive waterfalls and 15 confetti blowers.  This year’s kineticFIELD was more than just a stage; it was an all-encompassing sensory experience. Check it out below!


All of these things, combined with the unlimited amount of energy from nearly a half-million people, and you really won’t believe your eyes until you see¬†it.

Of course, expect to see a lot of drugs, just like any other big rave festival. ¬†Just be careful, and don’t take anything from anyone.

Another thing — choose which DJs who you want to see in advance,, because many good DJs will overlap each other. Someone might be playing on one stage, while another¬†of your favorite DJs are playing elsewhere. You‚Äôll have to pick and choose because it takes 30 minutes just to walk from one end of EDC to the other, and there are so many stages.

Thankfully, you can just download the Insomniac App, which gives you the time schedule of each DJ on your phone!

If you weren’t able to get a ticket (they sell out in minutes after being released), then you can just show up to vegas and find some on Craigslist last minute. ¬†That’s what two of my friends did, and they didn’t have any problem.

But in general, Vegas is a MADHOUSE on EDC weekend, so you should just go to Vegas for the atmosphere! ¬†EDC Weekend is really “EDM Vegas” weekend, because the activities are parties are nonstop everywhere. Every Club in Vegas has a big name DJ performing, and every hotel has a crazy pool party going on.

It’s just too much fun.

How to Get There

EDC is located at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

It is a bit NorthEast outside of the city. ¬†if you have a car, then leave a few hours early (around 5-6) or else you will be stuck in a mess of traffic. ¬†And it’s also not a good idea¬†to drive if you won’t be sober after the event..

The other option is to take a shuttle bus, which leaves from many hotels on the strip.  You have to buy a shuttle pass separate of the admission ticket, and the cost is about $100 for the entire weekend.  The shuttles depart about every 30 minutes going to and from EDC, and the shuttles even have their own express route with no traffic.

My Experience at EDC

EDC was by far the most insane festival that I‚Äôve ever been to. ¬†And I’ve been to quite a number of EDM festivals around the world (see my list here).


As you probably already know by reading my blog, I am kind of obsessed with Electronic Dance Music, and I’ve claimed that EDM is Taking Over the World.¬†¬† So, as you might imagine, EDC was an unbelievable and life changing experience for me.

Both times that I went to EDC (in 2013 and 2015), I road tripped with my friends from our home in Phoenix. It is about a 4 hour drive.

When we got to Vegas, we met up with a bunch of other friends at one of the hotels on the strip.

From the second that I arrived on the EDC Campgrounds, a shiver went through my body in amazement.  The lights, the people, the carnival rides, the energy, the giant campus, the music all together into one big amazing place.  Words can’t even describe how over-the-top this place is.  At times, I felt like I was on another planet.

I’ve never had more fun in my life.  I’ve never danced harder in my life.  I’ve never met more awesome, happy and fun people in my life.  EDC did that to me, in a totally positive way.

My favorite DJ’s that I saw were Above & Beyond, Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Avicii, Flux Pavilion, Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten.  Here is a photo of me at Circuit Grounds stage when the sun was about to rise!


I went through all of the trippy mushroom lights and mazes that are scattered all over the place.  They were really cool.  Also, I did some of the rides like the ferris wheel, which I highly recommend. It was amazing to see EDC from a birds-eye view.  All of the neon lights are like a fantasy world.

My favorite part about EDC is that it goes until¬†6AM. ¬†So many other electronic music festivals like Ultra and Sensation finish at 12 Midnight. ¬†But at EDC, you can dance the night away until the sun literally rises the next morning (that’s the best part!).¬† It‚Äôs really the ONLY way to do this kind of festival.

Check out this video that I took during sunrise (around 5:30AM)!

The only downfalls about EDC are the hot weather and the crazy amount of people.

Vegas is hotter than hell in the summer, so be sure to drink lots of water.  I think it was 110 degrees during the daytime, but the nights cooled off to about 85.  Even when you aren’t thirsty, drink water because you are more than likely dehydrated.

And there are so many people that it takes a half hour to walk frmo one end of EDC to the other. ¬†In my opinion, I think it the festival has gotten too mainstream, where people are going because it’s the “thing to do,” and they don’t even like EDM music.

Make Sure You…
– have 100% phone battery before you enter (phone service sucks inside)
– drink LOTS of water
– have a meeting spot to find your friends in case you get lost
– go on one of the carnival rides!
– wear shoes that you can dance in for 8 hours
Рdon’t take random drugs from people
– sleep all day so you can stay up all night
– eat sleep rave repeat

HAVE FUN¬†and contact me if you have any questions ūüôā

Watch the Trailer Video for EDC 2015 HERE!

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