Exploring 5 Gems of the Mediterranean

I’ve had the chance to visit the Mediterranean region 4 or 5 times.  Some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes, islands and coastlines can be seen around this area, and it’s an affordable place to visit from Europe!

Whether it’s the shimmering sandy beaches of Greece, the foodie delights in Turkey, or the rich histories of Italy — a Mediterranean cruise is a great option to satisfy your vacation needs.  If you do decide to take a cruise, be sure to include some of these destinations on your cruise itinerary — they are awesome!

However, if you are traveling on a tight budget and cannot afford a cruise, then you can easily find cheap trains, buses and ferries around the Mediterranean.  Note that fights in this region are a bit expensive, so try to stick to travel by land/sea!

Alright without further adieu, here are a few more recmommendations for places to go in the Mediterranean.

A Portuguese Paradise

Experience the hustle and bustle of Portimão and you will fall in love. Just imagine sipping peaceful cups of coffee in a sun drenched square, and peaceful strolls along the stunning waterside. Or dive deeper into Portimão and feel the wind in your hair with a boat trip up the Rio Orade, then take to the Old Quarter to indulge in some sizzling fish caught fresh from the crystal blue pools. This is one destination that should be high on your To-Do List.

photo by Teleynix on Flickr

A Spanish Fairytale

Winding your way through the historic streets of Cadiz, you might feel like you’ve fallen into an ancient Spanish love story. Its whitewashed buildings make a striking statement against the tempting turquoise waters that lap around the city. This picture-postcard destination is one of the oldest inhabited settlements in Europe, and you’ll witness plenty of historical sights!

Go Grand in Gran Canaria

There is an infectious buzz in Las Palmas, which boasts sandy offerings and colorful city living. You’ll be able to enjoy time soaking up the sun one day, and marveling at the spectacular architecture of the ancient cathedrals and mesmerizing artwork on display in some of the best art galleries, or maybe even indulging in a spot of retail therapy too. Take a trip up the bell tower come sunset for a panoramic view over the city and coast. That’s a memory you’ll keep forever.

Photo by Azuaje on Flickr

Feel the magic of Menorca

Perfectly situated on the world’s second largest natural harbor, Mahon is a picturesque spot. You’ll feel like you’ve fallen out of this world, as you explore through the history drenched caves, and won’t be short of amazing restaurants to choose from. Mahon really is a Mediterranean gem and you should rub your hands with glee if it crops up on your cruise itinerary.

French Fancies

If you love exploring cultured cities, make Marseille top of your hit list. It’s super cool new museums and historic, yacht-filled harbor saw it named European Capital of Culture in 2013, and you’ll be sure to agree if you visit that it really does have so much to offer. So, if historic treasures meeting swanky new sights sounds like you’re thing, then Marseille is the place for you.

Now for the difficult part: which Mediterranean gem to start with first? Any of these destinations certainly won’t leave you feeling disappointed.

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