Funny Things My Students Say (Part 2)

Teaching English in Korea is fun, and at times, hilarious.  In all honesty, I love my job and it is one of the best experiences that I can possibly get.

I keep note of some of the funny things that my students say, so you all can enjoy them.  In some cases, my students don’t mean exactly what they are saying, because of translation differences, but many times they are just trying to be funny.

In case you missed it, here is PART 1 of things my students say- from last November.

Enjoy 😀

Teacher: “Good morning! How are you today?”

Student: “Teacher,  you look like a mushroom with your long hair.”  Like toad from Mario Bros..”


Teacher: “Why are you laughing at her?”

Student:  “She has pretty hair, but very ugly face.”


Teacher: “To get from USA to Mexico, you need to take an airplane or a car..”

Student: “Teacher, why don’t you ride elephant to Mexico?”


Teacher: “What did you eat for lunch?”   (to the entire class)

Student: (Raising his hand): “I ate Air and Cow Bones.”

Nobody laughed… 

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 9.47.06 AMTeacher: “What are some things that you like?”

Student: “I like kimchi, K-Pop and playing computer games”

Teacher: “Okay, What are some things that you don’t like?”

Student: “Japan, North Korea, and the sun”


Teacher:  “Alright, I need one student to come up to the front of the class and describe your best friend to your classmates.”

Student: (standing in the front of 40 kids and pointing to his peer):  “He is very fat.  He is ugly.”  


Teacher: “How can you order food in a restaurant?”

Student: “May I please have cow feet and blood?”


Student: (stands up in class) “F*uck this Sh*t!!”

Teacher: “Ummmm, excuse me?”

…Stay tuned for Part 3 TBD!!

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