How Visiting Third-World Countries Has Changed Me

Growing up in a first-world country, I never realized how fortunate I was to live the life that I live.

I thought it was normal to have a shiny passport, a college degree and countless opportunities for my future. I believed that this lifestyle was “standard” because that’s all I knew given my surroundings and culture in the USA.

But then, about 2 years ago, I started traveling full-time and I was introduced into an entire new world. My perspectives drastically changed when I traveled to third-world countries.

It’s almost like a light bulb switched on in my head the moment I arrived in the lands of India, Cambodia and Myanmar. I never truly understood what the word “poverty” meant until I took a walking tour inside the biggest slum in Asia called Dharavi in Mumbai, or trekked across Myanmar or helped make traditional food in the villages of Moldova

Here’s some raw GoPro footage of what I saw in Dharavi:

I’m sad to admit that most of my friends and family back home who have never left the USA, still have no idea what real poverty is like. Sure, they have seen movies or read books, but nothing speaks stronger than witnessing something with your own naked eyes in front of you.

Over the years, volunteering has given me the opportunity to give back. It has opened up my eyes and has allowed me to do something positive for people who need it more than I do.

Some of my favorite memories of volunteering was when I visited children in schools in the villages of Myanmar. Even though it was only for a day, it had an impact on my life forever. I helped toddlers learn English and I kept them company during the day to answer their questions. It really made me happy.

Just a few weeks ago when I was in Moldova, I visited a small village and I learned how to cook traditional Moldovian food. Despite nobody speaking English and me almost setting their kitchen on fire, it was a great experience to be there and keep them company. I think that the people in the village really enjoyed my presence.

Style for Humanity

I would now like to introduce you to an amazing company that my friend Vanessa from Wander Onwards just told me about. They are going to change the world.

It’s called Style For Humanity and it’s a progressive thinking fashion company that puts people first. Their mission is to make a positive difference in the world through fashion, and they donate 20% of all profits to selective charities who are equally committed to helping people.

How amazing is that?

I was blown away when Vanessa told me about her innovate company that she is involved with alongside 3 other bright individuals.

It’s really nice to see young adults like Vanessa and her friends attempting to make the world better by giving back to people in need.

I strongly suggest that you watch the video on their Kickstarter Page, and help them achieve their fundraising goal.  There is only 20 days left to participate!  And remember, a little donation goes a long way!

Visit their Kickstarter Campaign here. 

Help make the world a better place 🙂

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  1. Hey Drew – thanks for sharing. Seeing real poverty & the happiness on those peoples’ faces from the simplest things truly is life changing. I liked the GoPro video – super cool inside look of the slum. I’ll be following along from now on! Cheers

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