Introducing My Essential Kits

To be quite honest, I was unimpressed when I first received an email to do a review about My Essential Kits…  There are so many travel gadgets out there, and I find most of them to be useless.

However, I agreed to test out these products and write an honest review, so here it goes.

The product is called My Essential Kits and you buy it online right here. 

For a price of $39.99, the kit comes with 4 necessities that you need for your backpacking adventures.
1. Collapsable Water Bottle
2. Mini Sealer
3. Micro Fiber Towel
4. Two Combination Locks

Overall, the kit is nicely packaged and presented when it comes in the mail.  The first thing I liked about the Essential Kit is that all the products are small, lightweight and packable.  This is especially crucial for me, because I only travel with a 40 liter backpack.  I can’t afford to pack anything big and bulky.

All 4 products in the travel kit are handy, and they will really make your life easier when you’re on the road.

In the remainder of this post, I will talk about each product in detail:

1. Collapsable Water Bottle

I probably drink more water than anyone that you know — at least a gallon per day.  Lately, I’ve been purchasing water bottles from convenient stores, but this is dumb because the prices add up and it’s a waste of plastic.  So, you can bring this nifty water bottle around with you to refill with water.  And when you’re not using it, you can fold it up nicely in your bag! (shown in left of photo).

2. Mini Sealer

This is the perfect device that can seal up all of your toiletries and bags on the go.   You can also seal up wet clothing, which is awesome because I always struggle with packing my wet & smelly swimsuit after taking a dip in the sea!

The only thing I don’t like about this is the bulky size.. It’s a bit hard for me to pack in my backpack, but if you have room for it in yours, then give it a go!

3. Micro Fiber Towel 

For me, this is probably the most useful thing in the kit, because it’s always smart to pack a towel with you on any trip!  This towel is so versatile —  it’s light weight, it folds up tiny and it dries extremely quick. Also, if you are a girl, then you can turn this towel into a dress and wear it to the beach!

4. Two Combination Locks 

I’ve stayed in so many hostels around the world, and it’s mandatory that you lock up your bag.  You never know who is going to be peeking into your bag when you are out exploring the city.  So, these locks are useful for putting on the zippers of your bag, or just to lock your important things in a locker.



By purchasing this Essential Travel Kit, your life on the road will be much easier. I highly recommend it!

For more explanations, check out this video about each product:

2 thoughts on “Introducing My Essential Kits

  1. My problem with the reusable water bottle is that there are SO many backpacker destinations where you can’t exactly the trust the water and bottled water is the only safe option. When you carry a reusable water bottle where are you filling it that you’re comfortable drinking the water? Is this realistically only applicable for certain destinations?

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