Introducing PostScan Mail – A New Way to Get Your Mail While Traveling

Do you ever get important mail when traveling abroad, but don’t know what to do with it?  Don’t want to keep sending your mail to your friend’s and family’s houses?

I’d like to introduce you to an amazing service that I’ve recently starting using called PostScan Mail. Essentially, PostScan Mail allows you to manage your postal mail remotely from any location on earth with complete security. Simply review the image online, and decide how you want your item handled (opened, scanned, shredded, etc).   You can also forward important mail items domestically or internationally (to your current location).


Given that I am traveling overseas about 10 months of every year, I find PostScan Mail to be extremely useful when I receive any checks or packages in the mail.  It’s really the only company I’ve come across that offers this service, and it’s really helpful!

PostScan Mail offers each customer a real mailing address (at one of 26 PostScan Mail facilities) – that they use to receive your mail (packages, postcards, magazines, etc) while you are traveling out of the country.

It’s really perfect for digital nomads or online entrepreneurs who operate businesses remotely (online), and it can also be used by international shoppers who want to ship their online purchases to a U.S. address and then later forward the package to wherever they are.

If you’re still a little confused, here’s a breakdown of how PostScan Mail works:

  1. Set up your account – on their website, it takes 5-10 minutes
  1. Get your U.S. street address  – which will be at one of 26 PostScan Mail facilities, and it’s the location where all your mail will be sent.
  1. Your Mail Arrives –  to your given U.S. address by PostScan Mail
  1. Get a Notification – PostScan Mail notifies you immediately upon arrival of your mail, scans the item, and makes the image available for you online to review
  1. Determine What’s Next – after you review the scanned image (online) you can decide how you want the mail handled. You have the option to either Open, Scan, Shred or Forward the mail piece. You can also decide to store it for later in their physical mail storage, and send it to your location.


PostScan Mail is very secure — when you sign up, billing is handled automatically and no financial information is stored in their systems. You are the only person with access to your online account or passwords and all data is handled via secure servers. Their sorting and storage facility is secured and all staff members that handle mail have been thoroughly screened.

Here’s an example of how PostScan Mail has helped me:  Whenever I work with travel brands and tourism boards, I often get my payments sent in the form of a physical check.  But when I am traveling overseas, I don’t have an address to receive that check, so I’ve been using PostScan Mail to manage them and it’s been very convenient and less stressful.

I recommend checking out their service if you are a digital nomad and/or run a business online and live overseas.  It really makes your life a whole lot easier 🙂

If you have any further questions of how PostScan Mail works, you can visit their site or sign up for a free trial below:

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