Monday’s Marvelous Meals

Welcome to Monday’s Marvelous Meals!

I’ve said it over and over again, and I’ll say it again:  

Eating local foods is one of the best things about traveling!   I am downright obsessed with eating local food in every place that I go to.   

I decided to start this series “Monday’s Marvelous Meals,” so I can hear about other people’s most treasured local meals.   

Every Monday, I interview a travel blogger with some questions and photos about his/her favorite local food, and post it below.  

If you want to be featured in this series, then please contact me and I’ll be happy to feature you. I want to cover all corners of the globe, so try to contribute some place that hasn’t been covered!

Lastly, my #1 goal is for all of you to learn and discover some of the best foods that our planet has to offer.  


Meal #16: Halo-Halo (Filipino) with Ruben
Meal #15: Ropa Vieja (Cuban) with James
Meal #14: Surf & Turf Burger with Cameron
Meal #13: Traditional Korean Meal with Laura
Meal #12: Melaka Laksa with Richelle

Meal #11: Shrimp Pasta with Maria

Meal #10: Couscous over Veggies with Maria

Meal #9: Torta De Chilaquiles with Alejandro

Meal #8: Basashi with Maria and Espen

Meal #7 with Flip from “FlipNomad” – Banana Roti

Meal #6 with Jessie from “Wandering Educators” – Haggis
Meal #5 with Nora from “The Professional Hobo”- Key Lime Pie
Meal #4 with Matt from “The Expeditioner”- San Francisco Tacos
Meal #3 with Agness and Cez from “eTramping”- Chinese Baozi & Jiaozi
Meal #2 with Alex from “Alex in Wanderland”- Mango Sticky Rice
Meal #1 with Dave from “Dave’s Travel Corner”- Fresh Thai Seafood

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