Mumbai (Bombay) Nightlife Guide

In this post, I will start off by telling you general information about the nightlife scene in Mumbai, and then give you my recommendations of the most happening night clubs and venues around the city.   If you want some general travel advice about India, then please see my Ultimate Travel Guide to India 🙂

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Mumbai’s nightlife is very underrated.

I spent 10 days in the city during my 2 month backpacking trip around India, and I had the time of my life!

Mumbai Friends

Before I went to Mumbai, I partied my heart out in Goa (hippie central and the birth place of psychedelic techno raves) and I thought that my extent of partying in India was over. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Indian people are a lively bunch who know very well how to have fun. I didn’t quite realize this until I stepped foot on the land and experienced it for myself.

Mumbai (Bombay) is a massive city with about 21 million people. Whenever you have that many people in a city, there is bound to be a large amount of partygoers looking to go crazy and dance the night away. But with so much chaos and confusion in the city, you can and will get very lost if you don’t know the right areas to party.  That’s why I wrote this post for all of you 🙂

The majority of Bombay’s best nightlife is centered around the areas of Colaba and the Lower Parel in South Bombay. 

Here is more information about Mumbai’s best nightlife areas:

Colaba – Colaba is probably the most happening place in Bombay to party– and it’s also the most touristy. It’s a nice area to hang out in the evening, get some delicious food and start pregaming with local booze. The Causeway (AKA the main street) is filled with cafes, bars, and expensive places with quality food and beer.

Colaba is a more laid back environment, without any big nightclubs (clubs are in the Lower Parel). Come to Colaba to hang out before the night gets crazy.

Lower Parel – This is the center place for nightclubs in Bombay. It’s located in South Central Bombay, about a 20 minute taxi-ride north of Colaba. The lower Parel is full of swanky lounges, and the best EDM night clubs in the city. The lively scene attracts a younger crowd of classy partiers who are looking to dance and mingle all night long. All of Bombay’s best DJs will play events at the various clubs around this area. You can also find good food around here as well- but it’s pricey.

Bandra – Bandra is a suburb of Bombay in the West with a variety of affordable bars and restaurants.   It’s located on the sea with a long coastline and beautiful views. Bandra is the center place for Bollywood stars to live – on Bandstand Promenade, Carter Road and in the Pali Hills. This cosmopolitan and happening district of Mumbai has excellent eats, cheap booze, plenty of lounges and laid-back people. Head over to Bandra to watch the sunset and grab a meal and some cheap beers when the night is young.

Andheri – Andheri is the largest suburb of Mumbai with 1.5 million people. It’s a bit far north in the city, but it’s a nice area to explore away from the bustling center of South Bombay. Scattered around Andheri are some fun pubs and nightclubs. This area has more of a local feel and you won’t see many foreigners around (just the way I like it).

Next, here are some more general things to expect from the nightlife scene in Mumbai:

EDM is everywhere

The EDM scene is rapidly growing in India, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because EDM is Taking Over the World. Within the last few years, several new music festivals have hit the scene here, making India an upcoming destination for partygoers and ravers around the world. Therefore, almost all of the clubs and bars around Bombay will have a DJ playing some kind of EDM which ranges from psychadelic trance to mainstream house to deep house music.

The guys outnumber the girls

It is quite noticeable that the men outnumber the women- not just inside the clubs, but also out on the streets as well. For various reasons (which I’m not going to discuss in this blog post), the men outnumber the women all over India.   It’s just the reality.

When I was partying in the night clubs in Bombay, I couldn’t help but notice the disproportional ratio of guys to girls. Essentially, what I’m saying is – the crowd was dominated by men.

When I went to the popular club called Blue Frog, I believe that I saw five guys for every one girl. I almost felt bad for the females inside the club because the Indian men were pretty creepy and aggressive. So, if you are girl and want to go out in Mumbai, then I suggest going out with a group of friends so you have some protection.

Doors shut around 1:30AM

This is the only upsetting part about Bombay’s nightlife.

Apparently a few years back, the bars and clubs used to stay open until 3-4AM. But now for whatever reason, the laws have become more strict and all doors shut at 1:30AM. Sometimes, you can find an after-parties, or some clubs that pay off the police to go until 3-4, but you will have to ask around to find out. I don’t know the specific venue names.

Dress Nicely

If you want to go to a club, then you must wear pants and close-toed shoes. Guys can wear a button down or a V-neck, and girls wear a dress (or whatever nice things that girls wear…)

However if you are a foreigner, with white skin, then the club bouncers will probably be more lenient on your dress code because they will want you inside their venue.   I’m telling you this from experience, because I got into a few places wearing shorts. That being said, I still recommend dressing nicely.

Because after all, dressing sexy is part of the fun when you are going out in a new city, right? 😉

Prices & Cover charges vary

Almost all clubs will charge a small fee to enter (depending on the event). If you are seeing a big DJ, then expect to pay $15-25 USD at the door, but in most cases, the cover charge will be less than $10USD at nightclubs. Most bars don’t have cover charges.

Drink prices depend on the venue, but they are generally reasonable. If you ask any local, then they will tell you the drinks are very expensive in Bombay (as compared to Indian prices), but if you’re comparing the prices in Mumbai vs. any other big party city around the world, then they are incredibly cheap.   Drinks in Mumbai are much cheaper than in Seoul, Vegas, Bangkok, and Bali.

Try to go places with girls

This one obviously applies to men.

If you walk into a club with a girl (or several girls), then the bouncers will probably charge you less to get in. And if the club is at capacity and they are denying entry for people, then you will likely be let in if you have ladies with you.   It’s just how it goes.

Alright, so now that you know a little more about what to expect of the nightlife scene in Bombay, next I will lay out my favorite night clubs and venues around the city.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about partying in Bombay, and have a great time!

Disclaimer: These reviews are a mixture from my own personal experiences, and advice that my local friends gave me for each club.

Best Clubs in Mumbai:

#1. Blue Frog

Blue Frog is the #1 night club in Bombay and THE place to see live music.

I had an incredible time when I was at Blue Frog, seeing one of my favorite psychedelic trance DJs (Ajja) and dancing my butt off with my new Indian friends.  This was my best night-out experience in India.

But the music at Blue Frog isn’t always EDM or Psychedelic trance. In fact, it usually isn’t.  The venue hosts live events 6 nights a week, with everything from Reggae/Ska bands to Acoustic rock to EDM. Check their events calendar to see what live performances are happening when you visit.

The club is massive, with hundreds of tables surrounded a perfect-sized dance floor.  The light shows are dazzling, and the sound system is the best that I heard in India.  Partying inside of Blue Frog almost felt like I was partying in Ibiza, but surrounded by Indian people!

If you only have one night to party in Mumbai, then you’d better do it at Blue Frog 😉

#2. Royalty

Just like the name suggests, Club Royalty is unbelievable.  Just look at the photo!

Located in Bandra West – the suburb where all the Bollywood stars hang out – Royalty has quickly become the talk of the town with its massive parties and insanely fun nights.

There is one main room where all of the mainstream EDM music is played, and then there is a second ‘Red Room’ which is trippy and has a more underground music scene.  The crowd is really fun to party with and it’s easy to meet people.

Overall, Club Royalty has unparalleled energy levels and the attractive ambiance inside will make you never want to leave. And if you want my advice, then order a long island at the bar… You won’t be disappointed!

#3. Trilogy

Club Trilogy feels like something out of the future.   It’s one of the most luxurious clubs in the city.

I must say to not come to this club if you are on a budget, because it’s pretty damn expensive.  But that being said, it has the potential to be one of the best nights of your life.

Club Trilogy stands out for it’s crazy techno lights and multi-level dance floors that fill up quickly.  The DJ usually plays deep house and a mix of EDM. The crowd is sexy, well dressed, and the club is known to host many celebrities.

Sometimes on Friday and Saturday, Club Trilogy is open late hours until 3AM!  Check it out if you want to party all night long.

The following are more of the best clubs in Mumbai: 

#4. Alibi 

Popularized by its annual “Glitz Glamour New Years Party,” Club Alibi is a guaranteed fun and exciting night.

Alibi isn’t the biggest club in Mumbai, but on any give night, the club usually fills up to capacity as the night progresses.  The drink are cheap, the ambiance is nice, and the dance floor will keep you staying all night long.

The club is known to host the best DJs in town, so you can be sure to hear some top-notch EDM hits.  If you have a bit more money to spend, then I recommend splurging on a table beacyse you will get extra space that you can’t find elsewhere in the club.  The light shows are great with a display screen playing the music videos of the songs in the middle.

The one drawback for me is the crowd, which is a bit older (25-35 years old).  But nonetheless, it’s a blast!

The following are a few other clubs that are worth checking out in Mumbai:

Tryst – Located in the Lower Parel, Tryst has been a party hotspot for several years.  The crowd is much younger – like mostly teenagers – and the lively atmosphere is contagious.  The music is mainstream EDM, the light show will blow your mind and there is a lot of room to dance.   It’s very Vegas-like.

Li bai – Located on top of the Palladium hotel, this is a swanky club/lounge overlooking the city through big windows.  People dress to impress and the menu isn’t cheap.. But you are guaranteed to have a night to remember.

If clubbing isn’t your thing, then don’t worry!  Here are my 3 favorite alternative places to go out around town:

Bonabo – I went here twice when I was in Mumbai, and I had an absolute blast! Located in Bandra West, Bonabo is a chilled-out rooftop bar that has picnic-table seating and a delicious menu.  It starts getting crowded around 10-11 with mostly young adults in their mid-twenties.   There is another room with a dance floor and a DJ playing some excellent dance music. I love the vibes here!

Café Zoe – This restaurant/bar is in the Lower Parel – the same area as all the big night clubs.  It is a popular hotspot with great food, drinks and a fun European-style atmosphere.  There is usually live music with real instruments and performers (not EDM).  I would recommend going here for dinner and a few drinks, and then walking to a nearby club! My friends and I did that and had a great time.   Oh – and don’t miss out on their yummy Sangria.

Aer Lounge – Located in Worli, Aer Lounge is the best outdoor rooftop lounge in Mumbai.  It offers one of the best views of the city and the sea!  Go here for some superb cocktails (not cheap), and chill electronic music.   It’s a must-visit if you like roof top dinners and amazing views!

I hope you take advantage of these amazing venues, and have a wonderful time partying in Mumbai!  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions 🙂


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