My 9 Favorite Travel Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat

*You may have seen a version of this post that I wrote on Thought Catalog.  This is a remake of that article, curated to share on my own blog.*

Snapchat is getting bigger every single day, and I absolutely love it.  With 200 million active users now, the app is bound to grow exponentially in the coming years.

This is my 5th post that I’ve written about the fastest growing mobile application of 2014 in the last 3 months.  That’s how much faith I have in this revolutionary application.

Over the last 3 months, since I found out that I could grow a following on Snapchat when I was in India,  have been using Snapchat to post fun and entertaining things during my travels around the world.  Each snap that I upload is averaging 1.1-1.4K views in my Snap Story, and I’m averaging 20-40 new followers per day.  You can join me @drewbinsky.

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Travel Bloggers are now turning to Snapchat to bring their audience around the world with them. It’s almost like they are hosting their own TV show, right from their mobile devices, where people are tuning in catch behind the scenes actions, bloopers, and previews of their life in real time.

Do you want to see live footage inside the Colosseum in Rome?  Are you curious to know what an EDM Music Festival festival is like in Seoul?  Are you anxious to climb up to Machu Picchu in Peru?

Now you can view all the following things (and many more) LIVE as you follow these traveler bloggers on their Snapchat Story —  which stays available to view for exactly 24 hours after they upload the content.

So whether you’re already obsessed, or need someone to fuel your interest, here are my 9 Favorite Traveler Bloggers to follow on Snapchat.  Enjoy seeing the world!

*Note* – I personally follow all of these people on Snapchat, so what you are reading is coming from my opinions and enjoyment following these people.

1. Stephanie Be @TravelBreak

Steph Travel Break

Steph Be is a full-time solo traveler meeting people in real life that she meets through social media. She shares her adventures through Travel Break.

Energetic with a contagious smile, Steph will snap a photo of her current location and add an emoji as a teaser to the content she later releases on her website and Instagram.

She’s about to embark on a journey to Guatemala followed by a Eurotrip, so keep an eye out for her epic stories!

2. Mark @Migrationology

Mark Migrationology

Mark is a master foodie.  You may recognize him by his Youtube channel and blog – Migrationology – where he tours the world in search of the best local foods.  His motto is “Travel to Eat,” and if his snaps don’t make you hungry for Pad Thai and a new culture, then I don’t know what will.

He’s currently in Thailand, snapping and explaining all of the best Thai dishes. Don’t miss out.

3. Kate @AdventurousKate

Adventurous Kate

Perhaps the most recognized female travel blogger out there – Adventurous Kate – exceeds her blog reputation through Snapchat. She will keep you on your toes as you stalk her adventures.

It seems like Kate is in a different country every time I check up on her.  Right now, she is in Chicago, giving amazing tours of the city on her Snap Story.

Join her journey on Snapchat, and see where she goes next!

4. Kristin – @krislikewhaat


Kristin is the creator of Be My Travel Muse – a fabulous and entertaining travel blog that documents her adventures around the world.

Kristin is known to explore those “off the beaten path” places that few people are willing to explore – so her snaps are authentic and thrilling.

She’s currently hopping around Europe, posting unique and behind-the-scenes content of her travels.  I’m telling you that there’s no better person to live vicariously thorough than Kristin, so jump on board!

5. Edna @ExpatEdna

Expat Edna

Famed by her blog, Expat Edna, Edna has been on the road for over five years — and something tells me that she’s just getting started!

Her travels are both entertaining and inspiring, and she does a great job of taking her followers on a tour around every city that she visits.

She just got back from a trip around East Asia, where she was posting fun snaps of her adventures. Next up, she’s going back to Europe, so join her and she’ll convince you to book a trip of your own!

6. Kiersten @TheBlondeAbroad

Kiersten Blonde Abroad

A California native known for her glamorous blog, The Blonde Abroad, Kiersten is always having a blast somewhere in the world. Her adventures are worth checking up on every ten minutes, to see what she’s up to next.

Kiersten just arrived in Istanbul, and she’s currently posting delicious food and showcasing the Turkish culture.  She’s also meeting up with locals and featuring them on her Snapchat, so you can be introduced to people all over the world!

7. Hannah @GettingStamped

Hannah Getting Stamped

Hannah and her husband are recognized by their popular blog, Getting Stamped.  The travel duo is always on the move, eager to explore destinations and cultures. You’ll never be bored by following their journey on Snapchat; guaranteed.

Right now, the travel duo is hopping all around Southern Africa on safaris and fun adventures, and their snaps are literally convincing me go to Africa in December.

Join them on their journey!

8. Trey @treyratcliff

Trey Stuck in Customs

Owner of Stuck in Customs, Trey is a professional photographer and a nonstop globetrotter.   He has won dozens of awards for visual storytelling, so it’s no surprise that he has a way with Snapchat.

You’ll always want a little more than his Snap, so stay tuned for what’s next.  He will never disappoint.

9. Matthew – @expertvagabond

Matthew Karsten

Matt is man behind the popular adventure and travel photography blog called Expert Vagabond. He is a master of long-term travel – 4 years and counting – and he has been an inspiration to millions around the world.

Matthew has been white water rafting and sharing his excitement on Snapchat.  Join him as he’ll immerse you into foreign culture and show you how to break out of your comfort zone.


Follow these 9 travel bloggers to bring out your inner wanderlust, and uncover the world in the most exciting way possible 🙂

And lastly, don’t forget to follow me @drewbinsky:

Drew Binsky


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  1. Snapchat: RAEspinosa

    ★★★★★ dead from laughing
    ★★★★★ Hilarious account

    I’m not sure how i started following that Snapchat account. But RAEspinosa Snapchat is too funny. Best Snapchat stories I follow. Lol

  2. Good list, thanks for putting it together! I need some more interesting travel stories in my Snapchat feed. I followed you Drew and half the list!

  3. This is such a cool post. I’m following lots of them. Now adding others. In love with Snapchat. @EziomrLifestyle YOUR snap are great.

  4. Oh god, 8 am at the airport is not my best look 😉 Thanks so much for including me, Drew! Hopefully catch you in Europe this summer!

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