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As you probably guesses by the name of this blog, we really like to party.  

We believe that experiencing the nightlife of a city is one of the best parts about traveling, and we’re dedicated to share our knowledge to ensure that you have the best time abroad.

On this page, you’ll find exclusive nightlife guides to various cities around the world.  Every article is written either by the original Hungry Partier himself (Drew Binsky) or by a hand-picked expert about their respective city.  All of the content is based off our own personal experiences. 

In each nightlife guide, you’ll find the following information:
– General Info (crowd, music scene, prices, dress codes, age limits, etc)

– Top nightlife areas to discover
– Reviews of the best bars & clubs

If you’d like to be a writer for a specific city, then please contact us with your idea and we will get back to you shortly! 

Choose a city on the map below to get started (or click on a link below the map)!

Nightlife Guides

North America: Las Vegas, New York City,
San FranciscoWashington DC

Copenhagen, DublinFlorence,
Krakow, Lisbon,

Asia: Seoul, ShanghaiKuala Lumpur

Australia: Melbourne

South America:  Sao Paulo

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