Oslob, Cebu Island

IMG_8417Oslob is a city that is on the very south west coast of Cebu island. It is about a 3 hour bus from Cebu city.

As the bus was driving South down the narrow one-road highway, I was a little nervous to get off because I hadn’t seen a single foreigner and there was much more poverty that I was expecting.  But sure enough, it turned out that the local were SUPER friendly and welcoming, and I easily adjusted to the culture.

Side note: we stayed in a guest house that we found on Air BnB and the hosts were amazing! Best place that I’ve ever stayed at, and I absolutely recommend using Air BnB if you haven’t before.

In Oslob, there is one local market in town that has everything that you’d expect a market to have. Food, clothing, hand made jewelry, street food, etc. It is insanely cheap!

DCIM100MEDIAThe #1 attraction in Oslob is to snorkel/scuba dive with whale sharks! Yes, 15-30 food (5-6 meter) whale sharks! You just take a 5 minute boat ride from the shore and there are dozens of whale sharks that literally come within inches away from you. It’s the coolest thing ever.  It was only $20/person to snorkel and a little more to scuba dive. You gotta do it!

Another awesome thing to see in Oslob is Tumalog Waterfalls! This is no ordinary waterfall.. Instead of your average, flowy, rapid moving waterfall, Tumalog has separate strands of water that slowly trickle down a steep cliff filled with bushes and luscious trees. It is magnificent and will make you appreciate nature 10x more than you already did. Just look at this pic and see for yourself!

DSC06052Everyone gets around by these things called jeepneys.  They are all decked out (and sort of beaten up) mini vans that are usually packed with people. They are fun to ride, especially when the driver blasts some music! Other people drive mopeds with an extra seat hanging out the back for passengers.

Oslob is a great pit-stop to make if you are in Cebu or any neighboring island.  It was undoubtedly my best local, authentic taste of Filipino culture.

Have a good time!

2 thoughts on “Oslob, Cebu Island

  1. Hey Drew,

    Stumbled upon your page while searching for things to do in Oslob – excited for my planned trip to Oslob.

    By the way, Oslob really a city? Can’t seem to find more info about the place being a city.


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