Party #16: A Night in Florence with Kaitlin

Welcome to the 16th edition of my series “A Party to Remember!”

In this interview-based web series, you’ll learn about the best parties and nightlife all over the world from other travelers and travel bloggers.

In this week’s episode, I am thrilled to have fellow travel blogger Kaitlin talk about her favorite Italian fiesta!

If you want to be the next person featured in this series, then please contact me with your party idea and I will send you the guidelines.  My aim is to cover nightlife all over the globe, so please try to contribute a party that hasn’t already been covered.

Alright, now I’ll let Kaitlin take over!

Meet Kaitlin

As a recent college graduate, Kait is a newcomer to the travel blogging scene.

When Kait is not dancing, she is researching as much as she can on youth and backpacking travel.

She writes about her experience as a millennial obsessed with travel on her blog Because Life is for Living.


Question 1: What was the party/event and where was it?

Partying in Italy is always a blast, but during my semester abroad in Florence, my friends and I were so excited to hear of a night called “La Notte Bianca” that would happen towards the end of the semester. It is a night where all the shops and restaurants, gelaterie and piazzas, stay open all night. They close in the evening and re-open around 10pm and stay open until the morning.

Question 2: How did you hear about this party/event?

There were flyers posted all over the city. It would be kind of easy to miss if you A) didn’t know Italian or B) weren’t an international student to have your professors tell you all about it. But regardless everyone found out somehow since there was so much talk about it the day of!

Question 3: Did anything funny or ‘out of the ordinary’ happen that night? Please share the story!

So much happened that night! I met so many new people, even though that was during my last two weeks in Florence! The craziest thing looking back on the night was the fact that we didnt even get to the clubs for their discounts and specials until after 3:30 in the morning! We spent the whole night and early hours of the morning jumping from piazza to piazza, buying drinks off people with coolers walking down the street, which in retrospect probably wasn’t the best idea…

Question 4: What were the top 3 highlights from that night?

  1. There are so many piazzas in Florence, and that night each and every one had something going on. In one of the lesser known piazzas there were Cirque performers doing silk and trapeze shows and other amazing acts! In Piazza della Signoria, one of the biggest piazzas in Florence, there was a stage with amazing lights and great music going all night into the wee hours of the morning.
  2. It wasn’t just the piazzas that were rocking til the sun came up, even the stores were open very late too! The closed after dinner that evening to prepare and re-open before the festivities that night. The stores had some discounts and even some shop owners would have special music or lights or things going on in their stores.
  3. Not only was this a great excuse to get dressed up and go out that night, it was a great way to remind myself to take in every moment and appreciate what it means to travel and be filled with wanderlust. Who know that in 2014 I would be partying all night long in the beautiful city of Florence, listening to great music with some great people. La Notte Bianca was and always will be one of the greatest highlights of study abroad. And ending the night watching the sun come up on Piazzale Michelangelo was definitely one of THE BEST experiences of my life so far.

Question 5: What advice can you give to anyone who wants to attend this event and party like you did?

Without a doubt I would recommend eating a late lunch and taking a nap through dinner. Since I got back to my apartment after 7am, I definitely wished I had caught a few more Z’s that afternoon. Otherwise, just be prepared for a wild night out in the city.

Question 6: I claim Seoul to have the best nightlife in the world, after living there for a year and a half…which city do you think has the best nightlife?

I definitely am a fan of Chicago’s nightlife since I prefer the casual scene, however the city can get kind of pricey. I definitely love Florence, even though I am a little biased, because there is something for everyone. If you love the raging club vibes you should totally go to Space. But if you want just a few beers with some friends, there is always Kikuya or Red Garter, and of course all the others in between. To me that is what really makes a city shine with nightlife, when there is something for everyone, and you can see the city still bustling into the early (or sometimes late!) hours of the morning.

Thanks for sharing your story, Kait! Have you ever partied in Italy? Comment below!

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