Party #3: St. Patrick’s Day Dublin with Ashley & Carolyn

Welcome to the latest edition of my new web-series called “A Party to Remember!”

In this series, you will learn about the BEST parties, events, and nightlife around the world from other amazing travelers.  

Today, I am honored to have Ashley and Carolyn from “The Lazy Travelers” Travel Blog, share with you their experience from St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin!  

And don’t be fooled by their name- The Lazy Travelers- because these girls sure know how to have a good time!  They travel exactly like I do 🙂  Read on to learn more:

Meet Ashley & Carolyn

Ashley & CarolynThe Lazy Travelers are two best friends – Ashley, “the romantic,” and Carolyn, “the wino” – who have mastered the art of exploring a new city in the laziest of ways. They’re professional bar hoppers, pub crawlers, and food testers, and one thing you’ll never see them do is adhere to a proper itinerary. 

You can follow their awesome adventures on Twitter and Facebook.

Question 1:  What was the party/event and where was it?

St. Patrick’s Day ‘09, Dublin, Ireland.

Question 2:  How did you hear about this party/event?  Did you randomly stumble upon it, or did you plan to go?

It’s safe to assume that everyone knows about Paddy’s Day, right?? We’d spent previous years drinking our green beer in Washington, DC, Philadelphia and New York, but when Carolyn moved to Dublin to get her Master’s degree, we knew what we had to do. 

Question 3:  Did anything funny or ‘out of the ordinary’ happen that night?  Please share the story! 

The day started out relatively calm. We pub-crawled our way around Temple Bar and along the Liffey, catching glimpses of the parade as we went. It was all a fairly normal day-drinking experience, until we noticed that around dinner time, we were among the few still drinking our way around town. We were later informed that Paddy’s Day is kind of a family holiday in Dublin, more on par with the US’s Thanksgiving.

Naturally, our pub-crawl didn’t end there, and somewhere along the way we picked up a new and VERY drunk friend named Mick who had lost his wallet and didn’t know how to get home. A few pints later, we added two more locals to the crew – one of whom claimed to be Colin Farrell’s cousin. Yet to be confirmed.

St. Paddy's - Dublin (3)
Question 4:  What were the top 3 highlights from that night (if you can remember)?

Meeting Mick really sent the night in a totally new direction… before that, we were just wandering in and out of pubs, downing pints and searching for live music. We were a few pints in with Mick when our two new friends at the bar offered to pick up the tab. Mick was forever grateful, leading to a lot of drunk singing on their part. There’s video, but we’re not sure the world is ready to see it. 

After an insane amount of pints, shots, and video recordings, we ended the night with burgers and garlic cheese fries at Rick’s Burgers, which is the highlight of any night– Paddy’s day or not. 

We don’t recall when we said goodbye to our new friends, but we assume they sang the whole way home. Still unsure if Mick ever figured out where home even was. 

Question 5: What advice can you give for anyone else that wants to attend this event and party like you did?  

Like all of our travels, we didn’t really plan anything in advance! Instead we rolled out in the morning and started popping in and out of different pubs. Based on our experience, it was the best way to do it.

St. Paddy's - Dublin
Question 6: I claim Seoul to have the best nightlife in the world, as I have been living here for the last year… Which city do you think has the best nightlife?  

It really depends on what you’re looking for! We’re more into low-key bars with friends than crazy nights out, and the club scene is REALLY not for us. Dublin is special because it’s really casual and not crazy expensive like London or New York, and most importantly, everyone is so, so friendly. It’s unlikely you’ll go out for the night and not make a few (possibly singing) friends along the way. 

Have YOU ever spend St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin?

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