Random Facts About Me

I’ve Eaten McDonald’s in 34 Countries

I’ve Been to 53 UNESCO sites

I can name every country in the world by looking at an empty map, and I know almost every capital/country flag 

I’ve been to 73 countries and over 230 cities

I trained to be a black belt in Korea

I never, ever watch TV unless it’s sports

I have an obnoxious amount of travel collections

In 5th grade, I took 10th place in the state of Arizona for chess, and have a trophy in my closet

I am obsessed with my college: The University of Wisconsin- Madison.

I’ve done a handstand in over 30 countries.

I am obsessed with golf, and carried a 3 handicap at my prime.

I Love EDM (electronic dance music) and I’ve been to hundreds of DJ shows and music festivals around the world

My favorite songs of all time are Hotel California and Free Bird

I’ve slept overnight in over 6 airports

My favorite foods are lobster and crab

I’ve been to 44 U.S. Stats.  The only states I haven’t been to are Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, North Dakota, South Dakota and Hawaii

I won a national championship in hockey in 2004

I have OCD

I’ve been bungee jumping 3 times.  In Korea, India and my favorite was in Switzerland from 150 meters high.

I’ve been to 6 MLB stadiums

I’ve had sideburns since I could grow them in high school

My favorite movie is Happy Gilmore

I have been wearing some sort of bracelet on my right wrist for over 7 years without missing a day

I think almost all foods taste better with condiments

My favorite 3 American fast food chains are Chick Fil A, Wendys and In-n-out burger 

I have a tattoo of my University’s logo on my body (I will not reveal the location)

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