Siquijor Island: A hidden Paradise in the Philippines

Siquijor island is not only my favorite island in the Philippines, but it’s my favorite island in the world! I have been twice to this lovely Paradise, and I can’t wait to go back again.

Siquijor (pronounced see-key-hoar) is located just off the South Eastern coast of Cebu Island, and it’s accessible by a 1 hour boat from Dumaguete City.  The population is about 90,000 people — which is somewhat surprising for how quiet and tranquil this island is.

Upon arrival at the boat station, you will be swarmed by guys trying to sell you motorbikes to rent.  My advice is to SKIP past them, and just rent one near your hotel.   They are only 350 pesos ($8USD) for 24 hours, and it’s so worth it! It’s really the only way to explore Siquijor.

My friend and I rode nearly the the entire island in one day and got a first-hand experience of the lifestyle, saw breathtaking ocean views, and adventured thru the jungle.

As I was riding around, nearly every kid dressed in a school uniform smiled at me and shouted “HELLO” on the side of the road. It made me so happy. The coolest part about having the motorbikes (other than the freedom, of course) was filling them up with gasoline! When you stop at a local “gas station” they have gasoline-filled litres of used glass coca-cola bottles to fill up your tank. It’s only a buck for a liter and it’s a crazy experience to watch them pour gas into your tank from a coca-cola bottle.

There is a sweet waterfall that you must explore called Cambugahay Falls.  If you are adventurous, then you can cliff jump from the top into the water! There is also a rope swing that you can do, like Tarzan.  It was a huge thrill!

Snorkeling/diving is also a must-do on Siquijor island beacuse the water is so warm and clear! There are many places to go, but we went at Coco Grove Beach Resort. It was only 200 pesos ($4) to rent a snorkel and fins for the day! We saw many colorful fish, lots of blue starfish, and some beautiful looking coral reefs. If you want to dive, then it’s also very cheap and I’ve heard that there are amazing sea turtles that roam around the area.

Or check out the beautiful white sanded beach surrounding the coast line outside San Jose City.  You can chill on hammocks like this!

I’ve honestly never felt a more relaxed, laid-back atmosphere than Siquijor island. The locals are extremely friendly and everything is picture-perfect. I felt like was living in a dream.

I hope you get the chance to visit Siquijor, and let me know if you have any questions (in the comments below!)

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  1. Hello Drew! Did you know anybody in Siquijor who can teach me (spanish person) english? If yes, i would like you to introduce me! Thanks a lot.

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