Smažený sýr (Fried Cheese Sandwich)

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A Smažený sýr is the best drunk food in the history of the world!

Basically, a smaženy syr is a delicious fried cheese sandwich with two buns wrapped around it. You can think of it as a giant mozzarella stick in a patty shape, and it’s really only found in the Czech Republic.  Slap some ketchup and mustard on it and you’ve got yourself the best drunk street food in the history of the world.  I lived in Prague for 6 months back in 2012, and I ate this every weekend when I was stumbling home from the clubs!  And the best part is they are only $2! 

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.58.11 PMYou can find Smazeny Syr’s in any street vendors in Prague, mainly on Wenceslas Square.  There are dozens of these street vendors lined up, and they are open 24 hours of the day.  Even McDonalds in Prague has Smažený sýr sandwiches in Prague, because they are THAT good!

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