The best way to follow my travels is on Snapchat (@drewbinsky).  I am currently getting over 20K views per snap from people all around the world. 

Check out my “Snapchat Reel” of my best snaps across 80+ countries!


Why Add me on Snapchat?

Snapchat has truly revolutionized the way that I share my experiences with my followers around the world.  It has more power than Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, because it brings out my personality through live videos, which establishes a strong connection with my audience.

By following my Snapchat, you can really see what it’s like to travel from my perspective, and get a behind-the-scenes look into my daily life.  I typically share interesting and funny things that I come across in different cultures, and I also play games and give out prizes (like postcards) to lucky people that snap me back!

I promise to keep you entertained 🙂

Also – I encourage you to snap me anytime with travel questions, advice, or just to say hello.  Even though I am getting 40-50 snaps each day, I try to respond to every one!

Snapchat in the Press

– I was interviewed on KTLA (LA’s #1 News station) about How I’m Making a Living on Snapchat, and it was broadcasted nationally (on 23 new stations) and more than a dozen online publications picked it up (see video here).
– Kevin Jonas (from the Jonas Brothers) featured me on “This Week in Snapchat,” where he described about my trip to London and Dublin.
Elite Daily listed me as #3 in their Top Travelers to Follow on Snapchat
Huffington Post included me in These Travel Snapchats Put the World in Your Hands
Orbitz included me in 9 Travel Snapchatters You’d be Crazy Not to Follow
Yahoo Travel included me in 5 Snapchat Accounts That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust
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– Featured as one of the “Best Snapchatters” on the Story Star Mobile App
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