Meal #1: Thai Seafood With Dave

Hello everyone!  I am starting a new series called “Monday’s Marvelous Meals,”  where someone will share some pictures and thoughts about their favorite local meal around the world.  Look out for new entries on every monday of every week!

Today’s I am kicking off the series with an entry by Dave from Dave’s Travel Corner.

Meet Dave

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 9.19.04 AMFounded in 1996, Dave’s Travel Corner is an
International travel community focusing on
experiential travels. Dave began Dave’s Travel Corner
as a result of of a life-changing trip to Nepal in
which he trekked near Everest Base Camp. Over the
years it has become an outlet for travelers to
showcase their own writing and photography. In part,
the site contains videos, interviews with those in
travel and lifestyle, travel guides and International
photography galleries.

A quote that sums up our travels is, “ownership of
most things is overrated. Ownership of worldly
experiences is not”.

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The Meal

taling-chan-market-bangkok (3)

Enjoying Fresh Seafood at the Talin Chan Floating Weekend Market in Bangkok, Thailand

Some of my favorite foods in the world come from the ocean. Some of my favorite cuisine is Thai food.  Combing these two culinary interest is the weekend only Taling Chan floating market in Bangkok, Thailand. The market offers a dizzying diversity of seafood including cockles, crab, giant prawns, shrimp and a variety of fish.

A memorable meal must involve a sense of location and this floating market certainly has that due to its intimate location along a canal that eventually connects to the Chao Phraya River (the main waterway in Bangkok). Long walkways are crowded with diners. Delicious tiger prawns and grilled crab are among some of the culinary treasures here. You order from vendors floating in small wooden boats and watchthem grill the food in front of you.

Thai food incorporates such a range of flavors – from sweet to sour to spicy. The “nam priks” or sauces are an important part of a dining experience here. One of my favorites (which pairs well with the prawns) is a sauce made from red Chile, cilantro, fish sauce, a pinch of sugar and fresh garlic. It is spicy, yet it is extremely flavorful.

taling-chan-market-bangkok (4)

taling-chan-market-bangkok (5)

taling-chan-market-bangkok (1)


I’d love to hear what you think about this meal!! Please comment and share your thoughts 🙂 

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