The Magical Wonders of Christiania

In my humble opinion, Christiania is the best kept secret in Europe.

Nobody has ever heard of it, unless they have been to Copenhagen or heard a story from a friend who was able to experience this wonderful place.  If you are planning a trip to Europe in the near future, you need to visit Copenhagen and spend some time in Christiania.  You’ll thank me later 🙂

So, what is it?

Christiania is a self-proclamined neighborhood in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It has about 1,000 residents and is spans across 34 acres in Denmark’s beautiful Capital city.  The area was founded in 1971 by a group of rebellious hippies as a movement to freely grow and sell marijuana.

The boundaries of Christiania are made up of several luscious trees with a beautiful lake in the middle (shown in photo).   In the center of town, there is a “Green Light District” where you can legally buy marijuana from hundreds of vendors in little huts. Walking around town, I saw many giant murals painted on buildings that reminded me of the John Lennon Wall in Prague.  Everything written on the walls was about peace, marijuana, music, art, quotes and anything else that hippies enjoy.IMG_3821

Copenhagen’s Hippie district even has its own flag, it’s own currency and it’s own way of life.  Christiania isn’t considered as part of the EU or Denmark, and there is a giant sign that says “You Are Now Leaving the EU” when you walk inside. Despite being an anarchist community, they still have their own rules in which Christianites and tourists must obey.

The 10 laws of Christiania are:
– No weapons
– No hard drugs
– No violence
– No private cars
– No biker’s colors
– No bulletproof clothing
– No sale of fireworks
– No use of thundersticks
– No stolen goods

and most importantly,

NO PICTURES (although I managed to sneak in a few :)).

The area is disguised nicely that you’d never know it existed if nobody told you about it.  I’ve never been to a more relaxing and chill place in my life.  Everyone, people of all ages, were smoking joints and hanging out with their friends.  The best part is that it wasn’t touristy (at least when I was there).  With the local Christianites combined with the plentiful Danes,  I didn’t hear much English being spoken around me.  It was truly a local experience.

Their currency is literally marijuana. Everyone is selling it in little huts and everyone is smoking it on the streets.  Christiania is much more relaxed than Amsterdam was and way less touristy. IMG_3805

It was so bizarre to me that 1,000 people call this place home. It sort of felt like a time warp back to the 70’s when the neighborhood was created.  There were no cars, only bicycles.  Everyone does their own manual labor like building houses and using wheel barrels to bring supplies back to their home.  There wasn’t much technology at all.  I was surprised to see an elementary school with kids playing on playgrounds and their parents all have dreadlocks.  Can you imagine growing up in this environment??

IMG_3813Christiania is simply amazing. It’s a local favorite and I really enjoyed going there everyday that I was in Copenhagen. Hopefully, the Danish Government will let this place carry on peacefully because the government has recently tried to ban it.

Have you been to Christiania before?

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