Tomorrowland – A Complete Guide + Find Tickets

*I attended Tomorrowland Music Festival in 2015.  This blog post is all about my experience, with many recommendations if you are planning to go.  I also give some secrets for finding tickets because they always sell out within 5 minutes.

At the end of this blog post, please check out my fun video that I put together at Tomrorowland!*

Tomorrowland is the best dance music festival in the world.  

It’s our generations’ Woodstock.  It’s a giant adult playground.

And now is the best time to attend the festival while EDM is taking over the world

I’ve been to over a dozen EDM music festivals, including Ultra Korea, EDC Vegas, Sensation Amsterdam, Global Gathering, Summerset, etc – and nothing comes close to the amazingness of Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland General Info

Tomorrowland (referred to as TL) is located in Boom, Belgium – half way between Antwerp and Brussels. The festival started 11 years ago in 2004, and it has massively grown in popularity year after year.

Just look at this photo of TL in 2005 vs. 2014:

This 3-day festival takes place every summer during the last weekend in July. The grounds for TL take place on a big nature reserve called De Schorre, which has beautiful lakes surrounded by lush green fields. You pretty much can’t get any better venue for a festival in the world.

There are about 15 stages at TL, each with a different theme and vibe. The main stage, of course, is the biggest and it can hold up to 60,000 people at once.  It’s insane.

The festival has gotten such a great reputation from ravers all over the world, that the tickets sell out within 5 minutes of going on sale every year. As a result, the tickets are VERY hard to get. But I will explain to you later in this post how you can get them 🙂

The biggest thing that sets TL apart from other dance music festivals is the crowd.

The 200,000+ attendees are made up of people from nearly every country in the world. The best part? Everyone takes pride in their country by showing off where they’re from — by wearing their country’s flag and decking themselves out with accessories from head to toe.

I can’t think of ANY other event in the world where people from every country come together to celebrate in extreme happiness. Not even the Olympics – because that is a competition.

Tomorrowland is all about uniting and sharing love with people all around the world.

Just look at all of the different flags you see in this photo that I took. Simply amazing:

The lineup for TL is basically every EDM artist and DJ that you’ve ever heard of.  Which creates a small dilemma —  you won’t be able to see everyone perform because there are always 15 DJ’s playing at once.

But the good news is that TL is an all day party, starting at around 12 noon and ending around 2AM.   So you will have plenty of time to mingle around and get the full experience of the festival, without leaving anything behind.

In recent years, TL has expanded into TomorroWorld (in Atlanta, Georgia) and TomorrowLand in Brazil… But trust me, nothing compares to the original grounds of Tomorrowland Belgium.

TL Belgium is everything you can ask for in a music festival. The production takes nearly a full year to set up.

It’s perfect. It’s over-the-top. And yes, you won’t be able to comprehend what you are experiencing at Tomorrowland.

Can you sense how I excited I am just typing this right now?

I truly wish everyone reading this can get a chance to go! (Find out how to get tickets below)

What to Expect + My Experience

I went to TL with 3 of my best friends — some from my hometown and some from college. We were all traveling around Europe independently and decided to meet in Belgium for Tomorrowland.

Here is a photo of us together:

Anyone going to TL has the option to either camp in tents on site for 3 days, or stay in a hotel and transport from Brussels or Antwerp. My friends and I did the latter (hotel), and I would recommend it to you as well.

Staying in a hotel is nice because you can shower everyday and sleep in a comfortable bed. Camping can be fun too (I camped for 3 days at Bonnaroo Festival) — but by the end, it was exhausting.  Especially at Tomorrowland, because it rains almost every year, so then your tent will be floating down in a stream of water.

Each day we took the shuttle from Brussels to Boom around 12 noon and stayed until the last act around 2AM.  It was quick and easy, and the shuttle passes were $30 per day.

I recommend arriving at TL early (around 12-1) before the giant crowd hits, because we were able to explore some of the smaller stages and discover new DJs. When it was too crowded, I didn’t have room to dance and it ruined some of the fun.

Throughout the 3 days, I met so many people from all corners of the globe. It’s incredibly easy to make friends because everyone is so happy and feeling great.  I was wearing a USA flag around my back the entire time, so lots of people came up to me to take a photo or just say hello. It was great!

Here is a photo with a Korean dude who I met, and another Canadian bro:

Each day at TL there was rain, some days it sprinkled and some days in poured.   So definitely bring a poncho or a rain jacket, because you’ll need it. When it’s pouring, you can dance inside one of the covered tents. But if it’s only sprinkling, then it feels amazing to dance in the rain!

Another small dilemma at TL is that most of the best (and mainstream) DJs performed on the main stage only, and it’s not worth it to stay at the Main Stage the entire time. However, many of the biggest names (Tiesto, Hardwell, Avicii, Alesso, etc) played 2 sets throughout the weekend, so you can at least catch one of them.

I would say that we spent about half the time at the main stage, and the other half on smaller stages. It’s best to mix it up this way.

The main stage is so big, crowded and overwhelming – especially as the night progresses. In the afternoon hours, we had room to dance on the dance floor, but after about 7PM there was minimal space to dance, so we enjoyed the concert from the surrounding hill.  The hill is a great place to hang out because you can see the massive party in front of you and you still have plenty of room to dance. And the music is loud enough to enjoy.

Food and Beer is located all over the place, so you will never have any issues eating dinner or getting drunk. Tomorrowland is now “cashless,” which means that you must use your wristband to pay for everything. You can upload money on your wristband online via credit card, or just walk up to a cash vendor inside the venue and they will add it to your wristband.  It’s much easier this way.

I think a beer was about $4, which is pretty reasonable. Food was a bit more expensive, like $6-8.

My favorite DJs were: Avicii, Audien, Axwell & Ingrosso, Arty and Dimitry Vegas & Like Mike.


So you want to go to Tomorrowland, but you weren’t able to get tickets?

Don’t worry — This is probably the case for 99% of people reading this.

And I can promise you that there are many ways to find tickets, and it’s usually easier to find them the closer it gets to the festival.

The face value for the tickets are about 400 EUROS ($450 USD).  I am confident that you can get them for under $500 USD if you check out the methods below:

Ebay & Craigslist

You may be able to find some on eBay or Craiglist, but beware of scams (people selling fake tickets). It happens all the time. If you find someone selling, then ask to Skype with them and have them show you the tickets in the camera. This way, you can be sure that it’s legit.

Europe Stubhub

StubHub is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell tickets.  Check here as often as you can!

FB Marketplace

There are several TL Facebook groups where people buy and sell tickets.  Just search for TL in FB’s search bar, and message anybody who you see selling them.


My friend actually found her ticket on Redditt, because someone posted that they had an extra one.  Just search for Tomorrowland and see what comes up! The chances of finding one on Reddit increase as the festival approaches closer.

Tomorrowland Website

If you look early enough, then you may be able to find tickets on the exchange desk on the Tomorrowland Website.  But these sell out soon!

Viagogo is a retail ticket selling site where you may be able to find tickets.  But usually the tickets are marked up (up to 200% retail value).  If you don’t mind spend a little extra money, and you want a guaranteed ticket, then check this out!

You can also find TL tickets in Belgium.

It’s easier than you think to find tickets in Belgium a few days before the festival.  People get sick, they go out of town, or they have other commitments that they forgot about, so they must sell their tickets. Trust me — the closer it gets to the festival, the easier it is to find tickets because people will be selling when they realize they can’t go.

I know it’s a bit more risky to do this, but I know that you can do it.

All 3 of my friends didn’t originally get tickets, and they all found them in Belgium. They got them from a guy who they found online selling them for face value 400 EUROS.


And my friends made sure to skype the guy to make sure the tickets were legit, and we met him in Brussels the night before the festival to get them. Everything went nice and smooth.

Before You Go, Make Sure You…
– Bring a rain jacket or rain jacket, but it rains almost every year
– Don’t lose your wristband because they can’t remake one for you
– Put extra money on your band, and you can get back whatever you don’t use
– Have a meeting spot to find your friends, because it’s easy to get lost/confused
– Arrive early so you can explore everything
– Have 100% phone battery before you enter
– Drink LOTS of water – easy to get dehydrated
– Don’t take random drugs from people
– Have FUN and dance all night

I hope you have the best time of your life at Tomorrowland. Please contact me if you have any further questions!

And please check out my video that I made!


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  1. Hi Drew, Thank you for putting down your experience. I understand we can carry a raincoat, camera, portable charger into the grounds. what about camelbaks? cigarettes? lighters?

    Also how is the experience from the hill over looking the main stage. Is the experience good enough during main acts for you to dance?

    1. Hello there,ive been searching the web for TL tickets and came across this.By any chance do you still have the extra tickets? Thank you

  2. Hi Drew,

    Great post! looks awesome. My friend and I are planning a trip there this year. Would you recommend staying in Brussels or Antwerp? We will probably only go for 1 day (either Saturday or Sunday). Which is easier to travel to Boom? Thanks

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