10 things to do in Prague

1) Adventure through Old Town Square

IMG_4472This is my favorite place in the entire world!  Despite being the biggest tourist area of Prague, Old Town square has virtually remained untouched since the 10th century.  Around the square you will see these amazing buildings such as The Gothic Tyn Church, the Astronomical Clock tower (oldest clock tower in the world), Baroque St. Nicholas Church and much more.  There are people riding horses around Old Town Square and many street vendors selling all sorts of delicious foods and goods.  Many of Prague’s best bars and clubs are located around this area, so make sure to stop by at night as well!



2) Walk over Charles Bridge

IMG_0711Originally constructed in 1357, this is one of the oldest standing bridges in the world.  Charles bridge has over 30 baroque statues of religious figures spread over the 1,700 feet of pure cobblestone.  As you are walking on the bridge, you will see street performers, vendors selling food and goods, and people drawing Characture faces.  Nothing beats the view of Prague from the Charles Bridge.  Try to get there at sunset (or sunrise if you can stay out all night) for an amazing view of the city.

3) See inside Prague Castle

IMG_0775Prague Castle is the largest (and one of the oldest) medieval castle in the world.  The area around Prague castle is over 550 meters long.  You must go inside the castle and check out the crazy designs and colorful stained-glass windows.

It is free of charge and you can easily spend over an hour with your jaw-dropped to the floor in amazement.  It’s truly one of the most detailed and beautiful castles on this planet.




4) Hang out on Wenceslas Square

IMG_4447Wenceslas Square is the main shopping area and the center of business and cultural communities in Prague.  Here you will find many bars, hotels, retail stores, offices, shops and delicious fast food vendors.  Wenceslas Square has also been the traditional place for gatherings and large demonstrations as many historical events have taken place here, specifically during the Velvet Revolution in 1989.  Stroll through Wenceslas Square to get a great taste of Prague culture!

5) Visit the Lennon Wall

IMG_0872Since John Lennon’s death in 1980, this wall represents a symbol of love and peace towards his life and the Beatles.  The wall is covered in graffiti with various pictures and messages symbolizing John Lennon’s life.  You will see tons of Beatles lyrics written everywhere.  The wall is constantly changing, as people are always writing messages every day.  Make sure to write something when you go there! It is such a great place to visit and is located right next to Charles Bridge on the side of Prague Castle.

6) Relax on Petrin Hill

DSC02846This massive 1,000 foot hill lays along the Vltava river and is one of the greenest places in Prague.  There are always people chilling with their friends, drinking beers and having a picnic.  The mini Eiffel Tower of Prague can be seen at the end of this hill towards Prague Castle.  Many of Prague’s greatest views are seen from Petrin Hill.  Also the Church of St. Michael, a 17th century wooden building relocated to Prague from a village in Ukraine, is located on this hill. 7) Spend an afternoon at a Beer Garden

IMG_4451Prague has several beer gardens located throughout the city.  The best part about them is that the beer is so cheap!   Spend an afternoon drinking local Czech beers, meeting people and having an awesome time.  My favorite beer garden is Riegrovy Sady and it was located in my old neighborhood.  This beer garden always attracts a younger crowd and usually there is live music.  Enjoy some delicious Czech food and sit on the nearby hill for a spectacular view of Prague!

See my post on the Best Czech Beers to Try in Prague!

8) Explore the Jewish Quarter

IMG_0939This town, also known as Josefov, is a former ghetto and is located right in Old Town Square.  Jews settles here as early as the 10th century and was a thriving place for economic growth until the Nazi Invasion took control in World War II.

Today remains six synagogues and a historical Jewish cemetery that is worth checking out.  It’s very easy to find and you can walk through the entire Quarter in an hour.




9) Eat at a typical Czech restaurant

IMG_4595Czech restaurants are found all over Prague and they are dirt cheap!  Order a local Czech dish (some variation of meat and potatoes) along with a half liter of beer,  and your bill will cost no more than $10USD.  You will really get a traditional Czech experience by dining in one of these restaurants. And it’s a great place to have a few beers 😉



10) Take a boat ride on the Vltava River

DSC02048The Vltava River is the main river that runs through Prague.  There are several activities that you can do on the river, such as renting a paddle boat, taking a ‘river cruise’  or even going on a nightly booze cruise.   The views of Prague are absolutely stunning from the river, so I highly recommend that you check it out! When the weather is nice, this is an experience that you won’t want to miss out on!

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Have you been to Prague before?  What is your favorite thing to do in the city?


22 thoughts on “10 things to do in Prague

  1. Great post , it’s very interesting and informative post, Nice article, thanks for updating, din’t knew the reasons regarding such expensive fare on the dates listed. I hope this article will help everone. Indeed, during the year we make some arrangements to set our goals for our trips. thank you for share this.

  2. Prague is my favourite place in the world (so far) also! And I was only there for a day! I missed out on a lot of things listed here (a reason why I am heading back to Prague indefinitely soon). Huge tourist crowds aside, I just loved the atmosphere in Prague. It is a city that is so easy to walk around and explore and everything is affordable.

    I will be living in Prague for a minimum of a month most likely this Fall (October and November). I see that you used to live there. Any tips on how to live like a local??


    1. It’s my favorite city in the world too, Lexie! I have SO many tips about Praha! Send me an email and I’ll tell you everything, and hook you up with my local Czech friends 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words! Prague is my favorite city in the world.. I used to live there a few years ago. Please reach out to me if you have any more questions. I will be glad to recommend more things to do! Have FUN!

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