Big Announcement — Travel Show Coming SOON!

Here is the link to our Indiegogo Campaign!

To all my lovely followers, family and friends:

First off, I’d like to extend a genuine thank you for following my blog and my travels around the world. Lately, I haven’t been able to blog as much as I’d like, but you have no idea how much you guys continue to inspire and push me to chase my dreams.

I have a big announcement to make.

This is undoubtedly the biggest step forward in my career, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share what’s about to happen.

After planning for the last year, I just finished filming a variety of content across Asia. The crew consisted of 4 professional filmmakers, who flew out from LA and NYC to meet me across the world.

About The Show

Introducing — (drumroll please) — Travel Hungry!


Travel Hungry is an inventive travel show exploring the cultures and lifestyles of select cities, while also giving viewers the details they need to confidently plan their own adventure.    

Our motive for creating “Travel Hungry” was to inspire people to travel, by presenting them with relatable perspectives from our experiences.

During the entire month of December, we filmed a week in the following cities: Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong and Phuket.

We decided to launch our show in Asia for a few reasons.

The first, is because I spent the majority of the last 3 years living and traveling around Asia, so I am comfortable with the culture and lifestyle.  Additionally, we feel that Asia is often overlooked, and may seem intimidating for aspiring travelers, so we want to help spark your interest.

So, What Exactly Did we Film?

In each city, we filmed a variety of subjects to give you a perspective on what it’s like to visit each place.

We shot over 1.5 terabytes (85+ hours) of footage, which include:

– Meeting and interacting with local people
– Eating delicious food (and some crazy dishes too)
– Exploring the nightlife scene
– Explaining different forms of public transportation (metros, taxis, boats, planes, etc.)
– Trekking through a variety of markets
– Exploring the culture (like Muay Thai Lessons in Bangkok)
– Visiting parks, landmarks, and city attractions

Along the way, we provide exclusive travel tips and advice, including how to navigate around cities, learning local languages, how to stay safe, how to negotiate prices, and tons more!

Who is Our Crew?

There are 7 people involved in the production of “Travel Hungry.”

Hong Kong

Each person, except for myself, is currently living and working as a filmmaker in either LA or NYC.   All of us are in our mid-20’s and we know each other from college, or are connected via mutual friends.

I can confidently say that this is an excellent group of young, talented professionals, and it has been a pleasure working with them! Everyone has their own skill set that he or she brings to the table, in order to make this the best production possible.

Our crew consists of:

crew 2

Drew Binsky – Travel Expert and Host

Jake Kitaeff – Producer, Co-Director

Ethan Moore – Director, Audio, Post Production Director

crew 1John Sears – Cinematographer

Rafael Gomez– Cinematographer

Ben Montemayor– Editor, 2nd unit Cinematographer

Misha Scott– Editor

The chemistry and dynamics of our crew has been great to work with. As much fun as we had shooting together, we also had a strong element of professionalism.

Here’s a look at our top-notch camera equipment:

Although the gear seems smaller than you’d expect, the low profile allowed us to capture each country as naturally as possible, without drawing too much attention. Just wait until you see quality of the videos!

So, What’s Next?

Now we have all of this content, but what are we going to do with it? How are we planning to distribute and show you what we’ve filmed?

Our show will be launched online and viewable across various social media platforms.

This includes exclusive content on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, along with longer episodes on Youtube.

Crowdfunding Campaign

On February 1st, we will be launching a global crowd funding campaign on

Our Indiegogo trailer video will be our first time showcasing some of our brand new footage, and I am excited for you all to see it!

Given that we came out of pocket to shoot in Bangkok, Taipei and Hong Kong, we are trying to raise money to cover our costs and plan for future episodes.

Our production costs include a budget for cinematographers, equipment rentals and editing—while our travel costs cover airfare and accommodations.

Now that we are back in LA, we’re focused on organizing over 85+ hours of raw footage, so we can begin to tell the stories we set out to create.

Our amazing editors, Ben and Misha, are ready to begin editing. We just need the funding to give them the green light.


Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated to reach our goal.

If you have enjoyed reading my blog and my social media posts over the last few years, then consider this a great opportunity to help support bigger things to come.

There will be travel incentives and prizes offered to each person who donates.

I appreciate your support in advance, and I’m so excited for you to see what is about to unfold!

24 thoughts on “Big Announcement — Travel Show Coming SOON!

  1. Hi Drew! Just so this post from Crazy Travelista. Your name drew me in because I travel for food to! Congrats on your show!

  2. Fantastic news and I know how hard you have worked to realize your dream. Best wishes for continued success and Ninfa and I look forward to following your travels and exploits!!

  3. This is so exciting! If you need any contributors please reach out! I work in the entertainment industry and live in LA!:)

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