Florence Nightlife Guide

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At night, Florence’s historic tourist scene transforms into a lively party every night of the week. Florence is one of the most popular study abroad destinations in Europe and the students start the party early and keep it going all night. All are welcome to enjoy, whether you are a student or not. The crowds are generally diverse despite being driven by the student population.

Clubs and bars are cool but expensive, so I recommend buying some cheap wine to pregame (as cheap as $3 per bottle). Open containers are allowed, so if you want to go out on the cheap, then crack a beer on the Ponte Vecchio or sip Chianti on the steps of the Duomo.

When you’re ready to head to a bar, dance club, or late night food spot, please refer to the following places.

Top Bars in Florence

1. Lion’s Fountain

The Lion’s Fountain Irish pub is the heart of the study abroad party scene in Florence. With college t-shirts covering the ceiling, graffiti on the walls, bar classics like wings and nachos, and deals for international students this place is almost too American. They even offer occasional specials where you can pay with US dollars. It’s the place to get the party started, wind it down with some bar food, have a beer and soothe homesickness, or watch sports.

Price: 4 – 7 Euros for beer and cocktails, 3 – 10 Euros for food

Address: Borgo degli Albizi, 34


2. Kitsch

Kitsch manages to tow the line between quirky and swanky. The bar is decorated with knickknacks and Buddha images all over the place. The music is what you’d hear in a nice lounge. It’s a great place to start the night because they have some of the best aperitivo in town. For the price of one drink you get access to a huge buffet of “appetizers” but it’s easy to eat your entire dinner from the buffet here.

Price: 9 Euros for aperitivo (a drink and access to the buffet), beer and wine 5 Euros, cocktails 6 – 8 Euros

Address: Viale Antonio Gramsci, 1

3. Red Garter

The Red Garter opened in 1962 and claims to be Italy’s oldest American bar. Regardless, this is one of the best American bars in Florence. The burgers and steak are awesome. Every night there’s Karaoke and dancing. It’s loud, fun, and a great place for a fruity cocktail like a fuzzy navel or sex on the beach.

Price: Beer and wine 3 – 7 Euros, no cover most nights, occasional cover for special events

Address: Via de’ Benci, 33r/35r

4. Old Stove Pub

The Old Stove is cheap, casual, and often crowded. It’s located in the historic center of Florence and convenient to several other more expensive places. It’s another great spot for karaoke and they have football nights for American football.

Price: 4 Euro beer, 6 Euro cocktails

Address: Via Pellicceria, 2

Top Clubs in Florence

1. Space Electronic

The casual student scene at Space is wild. Hit up Space for shots, dancing, singing, and shenanigans until the wee hours of the morning. This huge club has karaoke until midnight every night on the first floor. Upstairs there’s a massive dance floor with smoke machines, strobe lights, and space theme special effects.

Price: Cover ranges from 10 – 16 Euros and includes one drink. Drinks range from 6 – 8 Euros.

Address: Via Palazzuolo 37r


2. Yab

Yab is a special occasion place. You’ve got to get dressed up and the cover is steep. The best nights to go are Monday for hip hop night and Wednesday for university night during the school year. This is the place to go to celebrate a birthday, a bachelorette party, or just living life. We all need an invented excuse to get dressed up and drink fancy cocktails every once in awhile, right?

Price: 20 Euro cover, 9 Euro+ drinks

Address: Via dei Sassetti, 5

3. Club TwentyOne

This no frills dance club is packed with partiers every night of the week. So if you’re looking for the hot club on Wednesday night, this is probably it. Nightly DJs spin all kinds of music from 10:30 pm on. Elevated seating areas are a chill spot to watch the chaos and drink.

Price: 5 – 7 Euro beers and cocktails

Address: Via dei Cimatori, 13

Have fun partying in one of Italy’s best cities!

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  1. hi,

    my name is idowu, i am a promoter with vippromotions in florence for the club dolce zucchero, yab, space etc. i would like you to add dolce zucchero in via pandolfini 36/r to your list, its a nice club with fantastic djs.. they play latino, hip hop etc. its easily accessible and the best nights are Thursday and Saturday. if you would like to come in to try it out, i can offer you free drinks. thank you

  2. Ahh, partying in Florence. I remember those days. I went with my friends like five years ago. I remember going to Oibo and thinking everyone was “old” (I was freshly 21 and anyone 22 and over was old.. no idea why lol) and I remember going to Central Park. Not sure it still exists.

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