Kraków Nightlife Guide

Kraków has a thriving nightlife with a young and beautiful crowd.

Yes, the stereotype is true.  Polish people LOVE their vodka.  I hope you can hang because that is nearly all they drink in Kraków.  And they drink A LOT.  The scene is so much fun, and almost everyone that I met was very friendly and willing to show me a good time.

I also noticed the beer in Poland was much stronger than most beer that I’ve had around Europe.  So, be careful because you’ll get drunk fast! If you normally drink 7 beers to get drunk, then drink only 4 in Poland.  Especially with all the vodka shots on top!

*In Kraków, all of the drinks are pretty cheap, so you can get drunk without feeling like you are lighting money on fire!

Kraków is packed with clubs, pubs and bars that stay open until the early hours of the morning.   My favorite spots to party at were the underground “cellar” bars.  These bars were so much fun!  When you enter any given cellar bar, you will walk down a level of stairs (sometimes 2 levels down) into a crazy world of ecstasy with loud music blasting in your ears.  Most of them have many different rooms with dance floors, bars, rooms and sometimes even couches.

Some clubs around town, like Kitsch Club, are well-known for their summer gardens and beautiful atmosphere.  Hopefully you are in Kraków during the summer months so you can truly experience this!

Enjoy the beautiful babes, friendly people and vodka shots that will keep you going until sunrise!

Don’t forget to learn the Top 10 Polish Words so you can hit on those sexy locals ;)

Here is my list of the best bars to visit in Kraków!

Disclaimer: The following list of bars was put together mostly from my own personal experiences, but also with the addition of my friends recommendations.  Things may have changed over the years, so I am trying my best to keep this list updated.  If I missed something, please comment so I can add it to the list!  Enjoy :D

*Top Bars*

#1. Łódź Kaliska

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.09.41 AM
Photo by David Wood on Flickr

Łódź Kaliska is one of the best cellar bars in town!

The interior has red leather sofas, golden victorian chairs, stony walls and interesting paintings/sculptures of women on the walls.  The music is great at this bar, where you will hear all different kinds of electronic music from drum and bass to electro house. Many of the best local DJ’s play at this bar. .  Łódź Kaliska is really a great place to hang out with your friends or meet new people in Krakow! I think you’ll definitely get an experience unlike you’ve ever had before.

Ul. Floriańska 15, 31-019 Kraków, Poland

Located on the famous Floriańska street.  Look for the big black and white logo on the walls.

Check their WEBSITE for special events and promotions!

#2. Rzda

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.13.09 AMOverview:
Rzda is my favorite bar/club in Krakow!

This underground club has an incredible atmosphere of people from the ages of 18-25, all looking to have some fun.  The seating is limited (yet comfortable), and the DJ is always playing loud music.

Rzda will give you a great taste of how the locals party!  If you are into partying all night, dancing and meeting awesome people, then Rzda is a place for you. The music is European techno, electro-house which adds to the local feel of this place.  The bouncers are not always friendly, so don’t be upset if they don’t treat you well,  because the atmosphere inside will make up for it. Don’t miss out on Rzda!

ul. Bracka 3-5, Kraków, Poland

Located just a few blocks south of the main square

#3. Absynt Bar

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.16.19 AM
Photo by Jack Newton on Flickr

Located in the heart of Kazimierz (the historical district of Krakow), this bar is well-known for their absinthe.

If you don’t already know, absinthe has a very high alcohol content, is usually green in color, and is known to make you hallucinate if you drink a lot.  Absynt bar has a cozy atmosphere, solid wooden tables and retro seating.  This bar serves absinthe from the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland and Spain.  Absynt Bar bar also has a great selection of Polish food including perogis and various snacks.  It’s a great place to grab a quick bite and a few shots (but be careful with absinthe!)

Check their WEBSITE for more information!

ul.Miodowa 28, Kraków

#4. Movida Cocktail Bar

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 8.21.16 AMOverview:
Movida is a stylish restaurant/bar with great cocktails and a positive ambiance.

This bar has a great karaoke selection and is usually crowded by night with people singing and laughing in large groups.  The hospitality is very welcoming with a nice and friendly staff.  The cocktails are delicious and affordable, and the food adds a nice touch.  Movida is located not far from the main square, so I recommend taking the short stroll to check it out!

Mikolajska 9, Krakow 31-027, Poland

Located a few blocks east of the main square

Check their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK PAGE for more information and special events!

Have you partied in Kraków before? Please comment and let me know your experiences!

Enjoy Kraków and have a shot of vodka for me :D

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  1. Drew,

    I salute you. I totally came across the top picture in Google images looking up Krakow. I thought, where do I know this guy from? It was from your TEFL Korea blog; keep doing you!



  2. You know what’s funny? I live in Krakow for 4 years now and the only bar I’ve visited from those you listed is Absynt. Love your snap account!

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