Vienna Nightlife Guide

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If there’s one thing to remember from this blog post, remember this — Austrians know how to party.

My impression (after partying in Vienna for 3 nights in a row) was that everyone loves beer, dancing to electronic music, and meeting people has never been easier.  What more can you ask?

There are a large variety of fun nightclubs scattered around the city.  All of the ones I went to had a DJ blasting the best EDM tunes, a packed dance floor, and nicely dressed people.

Vienna 8That leads me into my next point:  Make sure to look nice when you go out in Vienna.  The bouncers are known to deny your entry if you are wearing gym shoes, a hat, jeans, etc.  It never hurts to look nice anyways 😉

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Here is my list of the best places to party in Vienna!

Disclaimer: The following list of clubs and bars was put together mostly from my own personal experiences, but also with the addition of my friends recommendations.  Things may have changed over the years, so I am trying my best to keep this list updated.  If I missed something, please comment so I can add it to the list!  Enjoy :D

*Top Clubs*

#1. Club Flex

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.24.01 AM
Photo by Vijay Sikanda on Flickr

Flex is the granddaddy of Vienna clubs and has been among the best nightclubs in Europe for years.

In the late 90s, Club Flex hosted many DJs of the newly introduced underground electronic music scene.  Now, you will find themed events during the week and well-known international DJ’s playing awesome shows on the weekends.  As you can probably already assume, Club Flex is all about the music!  All kinds of techno, house, drum n’ bass, dubstep and trance can be heard here at the best sound system in Vienna.

The sound system consists of 4 large subwoofers underneath the stage for maximum bass output, 2 six-foot large speakers which hang parallel to each other, 6 more speakers on the stage, and another 12 speakers placed all around the club.  The crowd is a good mix of young locals and international kids all looking to have fun. If you only have one night in Vienna, then Club Flex is your place!

On the expensive side, coctails are upwards of €10.  Bring a few extra Euros or just pregame hard before you go!

Augartenbrücke 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Located between underground station Schottenring and Augartenbrücke

#2. Club Passage

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.27.58 AM
Photo by Heisenberg Media on Flickr

Club Passage is located right under the Ring (the streets that go around the innder district of Vienna) in a former pedestrian underpass.  The interior design and style with a great sound system makes this club look like something of the future.  The music is usually electro-house, but sometimes it can be disco, r ‘n b, or top 20 hits.

Famous artists have performed here including Timbaland, Craig David, Axwell, Martin Solveig and more!  Make sure to dress somewhat nice (no hats, gym shoes, shorts) or you will get denied at the door.  This is truly one of the best and most underrated clubs in Vienna! It’s only open from Tuesday-Saturday.

Expensive just like other similar clubs in Vienna.  No drink is under €7Euros

Burgring 3 / Babenbergerstrasse 1  1010 Vienna, Austria

Located in the southwest part of Innere Stadt

#3. Club Couture

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.30.53 AM
Photo by Joachim Garraud on Flickr

Club Couture is one of the hottest locations of Viennese nightlife, and definitely the place to be “seen” in Vienna.

The architecture in this club is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.  The dance floor surrounds the bar in the center and is visible from all parts of the club.  The music is loud electronic that is always put on by a high-class DJ.   Couture attracts the most beautiful people in Vienna who are all dressed up sexy to impress.   There is a lounge area called the “Soul Club” which plays RnB, latin and soul music because they believe that this music is important to have other than blasting EDM.  The “Soul Club” is a great place to chill and enjoy a glass of champagne and enjoy the crazy interior designs of this club.  If you want to get a real taste of posh Viennese nightlife, then Couture is your place!

Expect to pay a cover charge and not-so-cheap drinks

Wagramer Straße 79  1220 Vienna, Austria

Located a little far north of the city center.  Take the U1 metro to Kagran and it is a block away.

#4. Fledermaus 

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 8.34.50 AMOverview:
Fledermaus is more of an unconventional club in Vienna.  They have themed events on every night of the week, where you will find a good mix of locals and foreigners.  Some of their events include 80s night, rock n’ roll 50s night, boogie night, and electronic dance music night!    The parties at Fledermaus can get wild and crazy, so expect to be up late and party hard!

Moderate-  cheaper than the clubs mentioned above

Spiegelgasse 2  1010 Vienna, Austria

Located right in the center of Innere Stradt

*Top Bars*

#1. Donau Bar

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.48.22 AM
Photo by Rubin Starset on Flickr

Donau Bar is a place that you just won’t forget because of its uniqueness.  It has strange changing designs that are projected onto the walls and ceilings. The music inside is always  loud European-style underground techno music, which adds to the awesome atmosphere of this bar.   The service is very good and friendly, and the prices are reasonable!  Donau bar is a great place to meet locals or other travelers.  I forgot to mention that there is a delicious sausage stand in the middle of the bar!  Go to Donau bar at 2-3AM after a night of clubbing or partying hard in Vienna, and it will still be packed to the brim with people.

Cheaper than all other clubs in Vienna!

Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 10, 1070 Vienna

Located just southwest of Innere Stadt

#2. Travel Shack

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.49.50 AMOverview:
The Travel Shack is a great bar to meet other young, international travelers.  T

his place sort of reminded me of a college bar in the USA- good alternative music, pool tables and young people looking to mingle and have a fun time. The staff is super friendly, drinks are cheap and they even have free wi-fi. This place gets more and more crowded as the night progresses, and expect to see a lot of English speaking people.  This bar isn’t exactly my style because I prefer to get a local taste of the nightlife, but I must admit that meeting people has never been easier at The Travel Shack! Stop in for a drink, meet people, and then go to another bar!

Beers €3-4, cocktails €4-7 and they usually have deals!

Mariahilfer Gürtel 21, 1150 Wien

Neighborhood: Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus

#3. 1516 Brewing Company

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.53.10 AM
Photo by Ethan Prater on Flickr

1516 Brewing Company is a restaurant/bar that is the real deal! The beer is fantastic, the classic Viennese food is incredible, and the atmosphere is lively.  There is a huge outside seating area with wooden tables and people enjoying their time.  The beer is some of the best in town- try the Weiss beer or one of their IPAs because those are the best!  They also have a variety of bitter beers, specifically one called HopDevil, that I recommend trying.  It was the best bitter beer that I’ve ever had! 1516 is perfectly located in the city center and it’s a great stop for lunch or dinner or even to try one of their beers!

Varies depending on the beer you get, but you are paying for quality!

Krugerstrasse 18 | Schwarzenbergstrasse 2, Vienna 1010, Austria (Innere Stadt)

Located in the middle of Innere Stadt in the city center

#4. Krah Krah 

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.55.42 AM
Photo by Tobias Abel on Flickr

Krah Krah is a great bar if you want to hang out with locals!  The atmosphere is friendly, nice and relaxing.  They have a great selection of beer and good Viennese food.  Krah Krah has a non-smoking area that is actually glassed off from the rest of the pub.  If you aren’t a smoker, then this bar is a perfect fit for you because you won’t be left smelling like smoke.  This place is always filled with people who are high on life and are willing to make new friends.  The location is convenient and the prices are cheap.  Stop by for a drink or a tasty wiener schnitzel and a local beer, make some friends and have a fun time!

Very reasonably prices, and look out for deals!

Rabensteig 8, Vienna 1010, Austria (Innere Stadt)

Located in the northern part of Innere Stadt, very close to the river!


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3 thoughts on “Vienna Nightlife Guide

  1. Travelshack was a lot of fun. Good expat/traveller bar. English is the main language but beer and drinks are reasonable, the Aussies who work there are fun and its a lively crowd. I’d go again, a good break from nothing but townies and locals everywhere else, although local Austrian girls seem to go there to hit on foreign men.. whoops.

    1. Haha Chris, thanks for sharing your experience! There are many places like that, where locals go to hit on foreign men. Even in my current city in Seoul, there are designated bars for that. When were you in Vienna?

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