ULTRA Music Festival

General Info

UMF is an annual massive electronic dance music festival that is held in major cities all over the world.

It started in 1999 in South Beach, Miami as a one-day festival, and now Ultra Miami is a three-day festival that takes place on two consecutive weekends.  The biggest and best UMF festival is still in Miami, taking place outdoors in the middle of downtown with the incredible Miami skyline in the background.  But now, UMF appears in Ibiza, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Seoul, Tokyo, Cape Town, Split, Hvar and Bogota…. And it is still rapidly expanding with new cities being added every year.

Over 1 million different people attend an Ultra Music Festival in 2013.    That is how insane and popular this dance music festival is, and that’s why it’s a must-attend festival for all EDM music lovers.

What to Expect

IMG_2373Expect massive amount of people.  Ultra Miami alone has almost 200,000 people, and all other UMFs have over 100,000 people.  You might be a little overwhelmed!

Expect not to see every DJ that you want to see.  Your favorite DJ might be playing on one stage, while 2 other big names are playing elsewhere.  It’s impossible to see everyone, so you’ll have to pick and choose, because it takes 30 minutes just to walk from one end to the other.

Expect to see a lot of drugs.  Of course, this is the case with any rave that you attend, but just be careful.  Don’t take anything from anyone.

Expect to party all night after UMF!  Unfortunately, it finishes at 12 (so lame), so make sure to have plans after because you will want to party all night.

Expect to see awesome neon lights everywhere, and crazy decorations on the main stage.

My Experience

IMG_2379I went to Ultra Korea in the summer of 2014 with a few of my best friends here. I bought my tickets like 8 months in advance because I was so excited to go!

Yes, I realize that I didn’t attend the granddaddy Ultra Miami, which is a much bigger event than Ultra Korea.  However, the production is put on by same company, so the experience is very similar- just on a smaller level.  Of course, there aren’t nearly as many big name DJs that make their way to Seoul, but it’s still an energetic and lively atmosphere because Koreans love EDM more than anyone I’ve ever seen. If you want to know what Ultra Miami is like, then multiply everything that I am saying by 5.

Ultra Korea is held at the former Olympic Stadium in Gangnam.  In other words, it is at a GIANT arena that can hold hundreds of thousands of people.

IMG_2367There were about 5 stages spread out around the Olympic Stadium.  However, we spend the majority of our time at the main stage.  The lights and production at the main stage were insane.  I must admit that raving and dancing with Koreans is a blast!  They go over the top with their dance moves and it is just too funny.

My favorite DJ’s that I saw were Above & Beyond, Steve Angello and W&W!

I wasn’t a fan that Ultra ended at 12 Midnight because that is just when the night is getting started.  But fortunately, everyone got free entrance to many of the top night clubs in Seoul if you flash your Ultra wristband!  Me and my three girlfriends were out until 8AM both nights club hopping and dancing to EDM.  It was so much fun.  I couldn’t walk on Sunday because my legs were so sore.

I can’t wait to go to UMF Miami!

Make Sure You…
– Have post UMF plans, because it finishes at 12.  Go to a club!
– have 100% phone battery before you enter
– drink LOTS of water
– have a meeting spot to find your friends in case you get lost
– pregame before, because drinks are expensive inside
– get there early before all the big lines, and start having fun!

11 thoughts on “ULTRA Music Festival

  1. Hi, i am currently going to Ultra Miami in march 2016. I want to know when you can go to the Ultra; i mean the entrance hour. and other question. I am 19 years old; i go with friends too, can we enter on the clubs like Space, or it just for +21? Thanks much guys

  2. Hi, this was really helpful…thanks! I’m a foreigner living in Korea and am wanting to go to Ultra Korea 2015 that’s in a few weeks. I’m confused on how the tickets/wristbands work… if I buy them from the Ultra website can I just bring a printed receipt and pick them up Saturday morning or do they have to mail them to you? Oh, also, you said above the festival starts early.. so what time is early? Anything will help.. thank you so much!

    1. T – they should mail them to you, but if not, then you can pick them up at the event. I would show up at 4-5 ish! Have a blast!


  3. Hey im going to ultra korea 2015 this year and i was wondering when the festival started on the first day and what to wear to it?


    1. It starts early.. We went around 5. And you can wear anything! Koreans don’t dress up with kandi and go as crazy with costumes. It’s up to you 🙂

  4. Just got back from Ultra Miami. Yes it sucks that it ends at midnight, but the night is just starting. Armin, Gareth, A&B, W&W, and most DJ’s will be at one of the top clubs in the city such as Space, Mansion, LIV or Story. Most of those clubs end when the sun comes up and Space goes on until the afternoon. The whole week before is insane and highly recommended instead of just the 3 day Ultra fest. The week is filled with pool parties, yacht parties, and beach parties. Miami is expensive though so drinking before hand is recommended.

    1. Thanks for sharing all of that man! I still probably won’t go beacuse I went to UMF Miami and I am planning to do EDC Vegas, EDC London and Tomorrowland this year.. But we will see

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