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Hi Bloggers!  We would love to collaborate with you.

The way it works is simple — you will get a feature on The Hungry Partier (with a link to your blog), and in return, you will feature an article written by us on your blog (with a link as well).

Here’s how you can be featured on The Hungry Partier:

You can participate in one of our interview-based web series. We will include links to both your blog and social media channels, and we may promote it across our networks as well.

1) A Party to Remember – In this series, you’ll answer questions about your favorite night/party around the world. Here is an example.

2) Monday’s Marvelous Meals – In this series, you’ll answer questions about your single favorite meal around the world. Here is an example.

Please email us with your idea, and then we’ll send over the complete guidelines for you to fill out.  Also, please let us know how we can contribute to your blog! Thanks 🙂

One thought on “Work With Us – Bloggers

  1. Drew,

    My name is Chris, Managing Editor at The Travel Ledger. I am fan of your site and love the name of it. Keep up the good work!

    Because I am a fan of your writings and work, I’m messaging you about a neat opportunity. The Travel Ledger is an online media platform presenting first-person travel stories from travelers around the globe. I’ve received dozens of contributions from travel bloggers and just travelers from around the world sharing travel stories of adventure, wanderlust, discovery, love, heartbreak, celebration and more. The goal of the website is to encourage travel. The site is scheduled to launch in June.

    Because you’re an excellent writer with plenty of travel experience, would you be interested to contribute a piece for The Travel Ledger? It can be any travel story/experience you like, there are no rules or limits, pure storytelling. I will link back to your site and and social platforms.

    I look forward to hearing back from you. Let me know if you have any questions. We’d love to have you on board.

    Chris Corbaz

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